Joslyn & The Owl ~ 8 Months

Joslyn ~ 8 months

Miss J turned 8 months old on Sunday…not sure how much she weighs, but I’m guessing around 19 lbs. and her height is probably around 26-27 in.  She sure is growing fast and she amazes me daily.  Her favorite thing to do at the moment is to clap.  If anyone says the word clap or yay then those tiny hands come together and start clapping as a big grin spreads across her face.

Quite a progression…she gets cuter all the time. 😉  I guess I am biased though.

I had to include a clapping one since that’s her thing these days.

What a silly willy…it looks like she’s trying not to laugh in this one.

So much for that though…she just can’t hold it back!

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2 Responses to Joslyn & The Owl ~ 8 Months

  1. alison rice says:

    love love love this girl.

  2. She’s just TOO khute for words!

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