Joslyn’s First “Little Donuts” & More

Last weekend was full of excitement and firsts for Joslyn!  She turned 8 months old on Sunday, learned how to wave, possibly learned how to sign ‘milk’ and ‘more’ (not sure if she actually signed them or not and the ‘milk’ sign could have been a hello/goodbye wave??), and she had her first “little donuts”, aka Cheerios.  Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi visited us to celebrate Grampi’s birthday which is on the 18th of this month and Nanny got to give Joslyn her first “little donuts”.

She seemed to like them ok and by the 2nd day she was much better at getting them into her mouth.  Nala also enjoyed her fair share of Cheerios as well. 😉

Joel, Etsuko, and Tomoko (Etsuko’s friend from Tokyo) visited us too.  We spent the day walking around downtown, getting coffee, and then coming home for a pizza party and birthday cake.  Top left to right – 1. Ken, Mary Lou, & Joslyn blow out birthday candles 2. Me & Joslyn shopping 3. Tomoko & Mary Lou shopping 4. Taking a picture in a mirror outside of a store downtown 5. Joel & Justin found a nice little corner to sit down in the store while everyone else shopped 6. The guys were busy planning our trip to Italy…that’s right, we are planning a trip to Italy next year…SO excited!

After shopping we came home and Etsuko made some YUMMY appetizers.  Then the girls made pizzas and enjoyed a glass of wine while the boys continued to talk about Italy.

Oh, I knew I was forgetting something….a another first for Joslyn.  She got to stay with her Nanny & Grampi for 40 minutes while Justin and I went out to lunch!   I know, 40 minutes…you probably think we scarfed down our lunch and headed straight home but really, we didn’t.  The place we went wasn’t busy and we always order the same thing so there was no need to look at a menu…it was very fast service and we were able to eat at a normal speed and still be back in under an hour. 🙂  When we got back Mary Lou almost had Joslyn asleep but I opened the door a bit aggressively, thinking there was no way she would be asleep, and woke her up.  Anyway, she did great and it was nice to have lunch with just Justin for a change.  Thanks Ken & Mary Lou!  Overall, a great weekend and it was so nice to meet a new friend.  We are glad Tomoko was able to come visit too.

Two other special birthdays happened this month as well.  Happy Birthday to our niece, Sarah, and to our friend, Iris!  We hope your birthdays were extra special.

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