Bright Sunshiny Day

What a busy week we’ve had with visits from friends, playdates, walks, shopping trips, etc…but seeing my babe outside in the grass for the first time on a gorgeous sunny day was the best!  I wanted to clear away some of the dead plant debris from last year to make room for those rays of sunshine to beckon out new, green growth so I put Jos on a blanket with some toys close to where I was working.  Notice anything wrong with this picture?  My bucket that says ‘cold BEER’ and my sweet baby just don’t seem to go together. 😉  hehe!  She was very content out there, for all of maybe 10 minutes, and then she needed some Momma time. 😉  So….

we played “airplane” and then

I decided to let Miss J sit in the grass.  I was curious if she would try to grab the grass and sure enough…

those little hands started pulling at that grass and then they would head straight for the mouth!  Talk about quick hands…it was a challenge to keep this girl from getting those tiny blades of grass into her mouth.

It was so fun watching her explore this new territory and it was glorious to have such a bright and beautiful day.

Nala also provided some outdoor entertainment for us. 😉

Hoping for many more days like this one…

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One Response to Bright Sunshiny Day

  1. Abby says:

    So fun….I love all the firsts! Can’t wait to meet her!

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