Week In Review

Silly Bed Head!

More clapping…it’s funny how once they learn a new skill the other ones take a backseat.  She hasn’t chewed on her toes in awhile…guess she has too many other fun things to do now.

Hanging out with Savannah and Cash.  These are the grandchildren of my good friend, Julie, and they came over for a couple of hours on Tuesday evening while Julie went to a meeting.

We tried to play Wii with them but creating their Mii (game character) was WAY more fun for them than the actual games. 🙂  Joslyn did well with them although at first she was startled when they got excited and made sudden loud noises.   They were so sweet with her but Cash informed me that he told Joslyn to not scream at him.  She apparently squealed and he thought it was at him and it “hurt his ears”. 🙂  Too funny!  I explained that she was just excited and didn’t know it hurt his ears and he seemed to think she understood…hehehe!

Savannah read a book to Joslyn and made sure her pages were turned on her book when we were eating dinner.  She attempted to hold her but that only lasted for a few seconds until Joslyn decided enough was enough although she was quite content sitting next to Savannah…just not on her lap apparently.

Play time with Da-da!  Joslyn loves this little laptop and started flapping her arms and squealing the other day when she saw me bringing it to her. I had no idea she liked it so much.

Rainbows…we’ve spotted a number of them this week.

Checking out her reflection…Joslyn enjoyed sitting in front of the mirror this week and talking to herself.

She also enjoyed making funny faces!  Yes, those are Nala’s legs in the background and check out Joslyn’s handprints all over the mirror.

More “staged” photos…

and Nala got in on the fun too!

Last but not least…clothes are soooo overrated! I think Joslyn enjoys being clothes free for a while every now and then.

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One Response to Week In Review

  1. alison rice says:

    oh the funny faces pic is too cute. of course i love the one with Da Da too. Miss J is growing so fast.

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