Playdates & Towers

Joslyn has enjoyed two fun playdates this week.  Our friends, Charlene and Ellie, came over to play on Valentine’s Day although I forgot to snap any pictures, and Marilee and Matthew came over yesterday.  For those that don’t know, Joslyn can be quite “cautious” around people she doesn’t know well and it takes her some time to warm up to people.  Well, the playdate with Ellie went very well although she did get teary-eyed a couple of times like when Ellie was babbling and when she tried to reach out and touch Joslyn, but by the end Ellie was reaching out for Joslyn and she didn’t seem to mind. YAY! My silly girl…she definitely likes to stick close to Momma.  I wonder if this will continue once she is able to crawl or if she will decide she would rather go exploring?  Time will tell.  She’s normally fine with people when she is in the Ergo or stroller but out of that and it’s a different story so even though we have been on plenty of walks with Charlene and Ellie, having them over and playing on the floor was a bit different for Joslyn.  She’ll get there though.  Anyway, the playdate with Matthew went super well…I think (hope) she is getting used to Marilee and Matthew because we have been getting together for a playdate about once a week.  She was quite chatty when they were over and had a major HAPPY squealing fit like I’ve never heard.  It is a bit alarming how high her voice can go…hope this isn’t an indication of what may happen during any future tantrums because sista can screech with the best of em’.

Joslyn and Matthew hung out on the floor together.

Joslyn attempted to talk with him and I tried to capture it on video but as soon as I started the video camera she stopped talking. 😉 It was very sweet though.

She was also very interested in touching Baby Matthew but I had to play “bad cop” and keep her grabby hands clear of him.  She may be a baby too, but she’s got skills when it comes to grabbing and scratching…hehehe!  My arms look like I’ve been in a cat fight because she likes to scratch and pinch my arms when she’s nursing.  I try to keep her nails cut because of this but they grow way too fast.  Long sleeves help too! 😉  Maybe I’ll try to give her a stuffed animal to squeeze instead of my arm although I have a feeling the stuffie may not win.  Anyway, these two were very cute together yesterday.

As for the rest of the week so far, Miss J has been learning to knock over towers with her hands and

with her feet.

She’s also been very interested in Nala.

Nala was on the floor yesterday and Joslyn kept rolling over to get closer to her and she would just smile so big up at Nala.

She would reach her hand out to touch Nala and Nala would attempt to get a face lick in, but I managed to keep those at bay. 😉

This made me smile!  Joslyn has been doing this thing lately where she will look at you and lay her head down to the side…she loves it if you are laying down looking back at her.  Well, she did this with Nala and it was just so precious.

Nala responded by showing off for Joslyn.  What silly girls we have…love them both so much!

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3 Responses to Playdates & Towers

  1. Whitney gives Nala an ATTA GIRRRRRRL for the nice huzzy pose!

    Great pics of some beauties!

  2. Remi says:

    Awww. what great photos!

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