Super Bowl Weekend

I remember Super Bowl last year…I was around 3 months pregnant and we were at the home of our friends, Scott & Kate, enjoying the game.  This year, we have our little sweet pea with us for the game and Scott & Kate have their own little bundle of joy, Blakely, who was born on January 13th!  We haven’t met Blakely yet but we sure are excited to meet the little guy!

Anyway, this year we hung out at home and Joel & Etsuko joined us for the weekend.  It was nice having them over and it was SUPER nice having Etsuko’s help in the kitchen. Yes, Nala got some treats too while we were enjoying ours but that didn’t stop her from whining and trying to get ours once hers were all gone. 🙂

Not sure what Joslyn thought of the game…I think she preferred her toys.

These pretzel bites with cheddar cheese dipping sauce turned out delicious!  It was the first time I made them and I probably would not have completed them had it not been for the help of my sis-in-law, Etsuko.  She’s awesome!  Anyway, the recipe came from the Two Peas & Their Pod blog.  I have enjoyed all of the recipes I have tried from their blog and I’ve tried alot.  In fact, we also had Vegetarian Quinoa Chili which is another recipe from their blog. YUM!  Anyway, I highly recommend their site if you enjoy cooking. 

And brownies from a box…I used to make them from scratch but found that I really love the Ghirardelli ones in the box and they are soooo easy.  I jazzed them up with a cream cheese frosting football.  I was going to cut individual footballs out but at that point I was done, so I just made one big one on top.  I didn’t hear anyone complaining. 😉

 This was from yesterday…I ordered a set of 3 little hair bows for Joslyn from Etsy and they are darling on her. I love having a girl to dress up!  And I LOVE this toothy smile!  It’s so surreal now thinking back to when I was pregnant and before life with Joslyn.  She certainly made this year’s Super Bowl much sweeter, and I must say that I enjoyed the sound of her rattle during the game. 

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One Response to Super Bowl Weekend

  1. Remi says:

    Looks like everyone enjoyed the superbowl!

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