Keepin’ It Real: One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days…one of those days where by the end of it you are exhausted, cranky, and ready to crawl into bed and stay there for about 14 hours.  My sweet babe was having difficulty napping and staying asleep and she was a bit fussy which was understandable as she was tired.  Nala, our dog, was “up in our business” at all the wrong times and I was getting crankier by the minute.  I finally decided to go for a walk which usually helps but nope, not even a walk was successful this time.  The usually desolate park seemed to be overflowing with people, Joslyn was crying (which she never does anymore in the carrier or stroller) but I couldn’t take her out and carry her because Nala had to be on leash since there were so many people, and Nala was stopping to sniff every freakin’ thing in her path!  Ahh yes, one of those days.  Could it have been worse? Yes.  Was it still hard? Yes.  All I wanted to do was get to the car, put Nala in, comfort Joslyn, and then go home.

I mentioned my challenging day to a great group of Moms who were very supportive with words of encouragement and tales of their own hard days.  A couple even shared links to some articles, which I found to be very refreshing.  I laughed and cried while reading them and will probably reread them when I have another hard day.  Luckily, the hard days are few and far between.

Here are the links:


Yesterday wasn’t a total bust though and I definitely had a few Kairos moments (read the 2nd article for clarification) of my own and this picture is proof of that.  Joslyn hung out in the Moby wrap, facing out for the first time, while I did some chores around the house.  I loved being able to kiss the top of her sweet smelling head while I was vacuuming.  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed vacuuming so much!  She seemed to enjoy her time in there too.

I LOVE being a Momma, but I also think it’s important to acknowledge how hard it can be.  The tricky part is to not focus on the hard times but rather on your own Kairos moments because they are what get you through those tough days.

As for today, we had a wonderful day filled with play, books, time at the library for Baby Bounce class, singing and dancing to Children’s Indie Tunes on Pandora Internet Radio, a coffee date with a good friend, naps, and lots of cuddles! 🙂

Happy weekend to everyone! I hope your weekend is filled with plenty of your own Kairos moments.

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One Response to Keepin’ It Real: One of Those Days

  1. Abby says:

    That article about only one child is so true!! I totally remember those days!! Hang in there…you are doing great and some days are just not fun and feel like more than you can handle….I always said it must get easier because people have more kids than one…it does!!

    I totally wish we could knit together. Does eburg still have a knitting store? They are usually so helpful in those. If your yarn broke it might not be the right yarn. I personally don’t like using yarn with much acrylic in it, a little is fine, but more can be difficult. Hugs to you and your adorable baby!!

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