The Gift of Grandparents

Justin’s parents came to visit this weekend, and we had a great time.  It had been since Christmas since we had seem them, and Joslyn has changed quite a bit since then.  She now has two teeth and she’s sitting up with just a little support.  Have I mentioned that she is saying “Da-da” now too?  Well, she is and she LOVES saying it over and over. Although she still doesn’t associate it with her Daddy yet, I have no doubt she will soon.   Anyway, she was quite happy and content with her Nanny & Grampi this visit and even reached her arms out for her Nanny.

Joslyn is so fortunate to have at least one set of her grandparents close by.  No one can spoil and love you quite like your grandparents.  The love of a grandparent is unique and special and one that I’m glad my baby gets to experience at least once a month and sometimes twice.  Not that I know about this firsthand or anything. 😉  Ok, perhaps I know a little about it.  Grandparents are truly a gift, and I treasure the moments I have shared with mine.  I want my baby girl to have wonderful memories of her grandparents like I do of mine.  With grandparents like hers though it’s pretty much guaranteed.  (that includes east coast grandparents too even though she hasn’t met them yet :))

It was so great to see her getting comfortable with her Nanny & Grampi this weekend.  She’s been fine with them for short periods of time before but has always been happiest when in my arms around people other than Justin and I.  She definitely seems to feel more secure when Momma and “Da-da” are close by.  She’s just a cautious girl, I suppose.  I guess she has now been around her Nanny & Grampi enough though to feel comfortable with them too, which is great to see.  I’m sure we’ll have many more weekends like this in the future but this one was a great one for sure.

In addition to lots of cuddles for Joslyn from Nanny & Grampi, we also went for a walk,

(notice Nala’s tail in front ;))

and played some seriously competitive Wii.  I think these two got a good workout in battling it out.  Nala…not so much of a good workout for her. 😉  We also made and enjoyed lots of food, got a weekend coffee shop run in, watched a hilarious episode of Modern Family, and Joslyn learned that Grampi carries a pen in his pocket that is fun to grab.  She snagged his glasses once too!  She’s a grabby girl these days.  Gotta watch her!

And this has absolutely nothing to do with our weekend with grandparents, but it was cute.  I was trying to make Joslyn laugh by putting on different hats on Friday morning and I decided to try this one on her.  I think it will make a nice addition to her future dress-up wardrobe.  She can have lots of fun pretending to be a train conductor.

Anyway, I’m a happy girl after a weekend spent with family.  It was just the way I wanted to spend it.

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2 Responses to The Gift of Grandparents

  1. alison rice says:

    I love this set of pics. Of couse I’m biased. Grandparents are SO special and i’m glad Miss J has some near by.

  2. mary lou yeager says:

    Not too bad pics, had a good week end with all. Yes one of thes days I will win a game, but
    never in basketball. Love to all

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