Hooray for Friday!

I’m SO glad it’s Friday!  Although my job as Mom doesn’t end on the weekends, it sure is nice to have Justin home and have some extra hands to help out.  I certainly am feeling like I need it this week as I have been in a bit of a rut.

(The hat above came from my Cousin Melissa in Georgia…the flower is interchangeable which is really fun)

As much as I love this sweet little face, I still need some “me” time every now and then too.  That doesn’t mean time where I’m frantically trying to clean the house or cook dinner before baby girl wakes up from a nap.  No, that definitely doesn’t qualify as “me” time.

 Two weeks ago, I went out to dinner with a friend, and it was glorious.  Two hours of yummy food and good conversation.  Although dinner time is the hardest time for me to get away since Joslyn gets tired around 6pm, it was soooo wonderful to get out and experience a change of pace.  I needed it!  I actually didn’t have to scarf my food down in record time and I noticed that I finished my meal long after my friend.  Perhaps, I was enjoying it a little too much but it was so nice to not have to eat my meal in a matter of a few minutes and wash it down with a quick swig of water as I’m walking to the sink to put my plate away and then taking my fussy baby from her Daddy to get her settled for the night.

In fact, the night that I went out, Justin was able to get Joslyn to sleep for the first time (at bedtime) and although she didn’t stay asleep, it was wonderful that he was able to handle it while I had some time to rejuvenate.  It was certainly rejuvenating, but I was also very ready after two hours to see my sweet girl and kiss those chubby little cheeks like there was no tomorrow.  I may have to schedule some more “me” time here soon.  I like to think of it as taking a “mental health” day and everyone needs those from time to time.  A change of pace and scenery can do wonders to help you find your groove again even if it’s for a short time.  I sure am lucky to have a husband who gets that and encourages me to schedule that time for myself.

This weekend though, I am looking forward to family time and things like coffee stops,

snowy walks,

gorgeous sunshine (and handsome husbands),

the unexpected (like this little tag-along that joined us for our 45 minute walk last weekend and who looked like a dog I once had named Triton),

the expected (like Nala always posing perfectly for pictures even if no one else is ready),

snuggling up on the couch with the fam,

more snuggling because you can never have enough of that,

 and play time with this silly little goose.  And let’s not forget visits from grandparents.  We can’t wait to see Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi as long as the weather permits them to come see us.

Such a proper young lady isn’t she? 😉

I’m looking forward to a great weekend.  Hope you all have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend too!

And I hope that this kind of weather comes back soon!  Oh what the heck, I’d rather just skip over this too and fast forward straight to July!  Bring on the sunshine and green grass, I say!  For now though, I suppose I’ll try to embrace the snow. 😉

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One Response to Hooray for Friday!

  1. Yes she is a proper young lady. I love all the different expressions. they are so sweet. love u all.

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