Joslyn & the Owl ~ 6 Months

Joslyn & the Owl ~ 6 Months

We had Joslyn’s 6 month appointment today, and she continues to grow consistently across the board.  She does better at the doctor’s office each time she goes except for when they give her the shots of course.  She’s also not a fan of when the doc pushes on her belly to check her abdominal area out, but other than that she’s a pretty happy camper.

Weight ~ 17 lbs. 5 oz. / 75%

Height ~ 25 1/4 in. / 45% She fell a little in height…surprise, surprise! 😉

Head ~ 16 3/4 in. / 60%

I have to come up with a neat way to display all of her monthly pictures for her first birthday party (yes, I know it’s 6 months away), so if anyone has any unique ideas then let me know.  Right now, I’m just thinking a framed photo collage but I am open to other creative ideas.

A few outtakes from our session with the owl stuffie…more below.

Showing off her toe eating skills to Miss Owl.

Uh-oh Miss Owl, it looks like she now wants to eat your ears…watch out!

Poor Miss Owl is down for the count!

Miss Owl has the last laugh though as Miss J can’t stay upright to finish the battle. 😉

Hope you enjoyed these Nanny…we know you have been waiting for this post. 😉

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3 Responses to Joslyn & the Owl ~ 6 Months

  1. mary lou yeager says:

    Ms J is getting to be quite the young lady. Can’t believe how she has grown. I can see her
    two teeth much better. Such a cutie pie.

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