Half Birthday Girl!

Joslyn’s half birthday was Wednesday, so we celebrated by putting an over-sized (she’ll grow into it ;)) hat on her, singing Happy Half Birthday, and then we gave her some Sweet Potato Pie, well, maybe it was just sweet potato puree.

It is so surreal to look back at the pictures from the day she was born and then to realize we are already half-way to a year since her birth.  I’m sure all parents know this feeling well.  It is even crazier to imagine she was actually once only 5 lbs. 15 oz…..really!  I know it’s hard to believe when you see our little Chubba Bubba now, but it’s true.  Yes, she is a very healthy girl but apparently breastfed babies tend to be a bit more on the roly-poly side, but then they lose it faster as they grow…we’ll see.  I’m looking forward to seeing her growth at our next dr. appt. next week.

Daddy feeding Joslyn her sweet potato puree.

I’m not sure how she likes the sweet potato puree as she has been a bit more finicky the past couple of days.  I was a bit surprised as I thought she would LOVE it….I know I did.  I could eat a whole bowl of that stuff and not add one drop of sugar and that’s saying something for a girl who grew up in the southern U.S. 😉  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE me some sweet potato crunch which has more sugar than you’d probably like to know but I now know that they are pretty darn good with nothing at all.  I do think it helped that they were roasted in the oven…don’t think they would taste as good if I had boiled them plus they would have lost more of their good nutrients.

So far, I think the butternut squash has been her favorite.

“What-cha lookin’ at Momma…please-a stop-a takin’ pictures and get me some more-a butternut squash-a!”  In addition to eating her squash she also uses it as bright orange lip gloss. 😉

Good thing she likes it because we lots of butternut squash cubes in the freezer.

Butternut Squash Faces

On a completely unrelated note, this is what I found on my camera when I downloaded my photos…a pig on a zipline.


this! Seriously, I have to get better at hiding my camera from my husband! 😉

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One Response to Half Birthday Girl!

  1. Remi says:

    Love the pig pic! Man, Remi would be all over the sweet potatoes!!! Great family photos of the holidays. Did you stay over night at the Bavarian villiage? Always on the look out for places that take big dogs. Take care & happy new year!

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