Road Trippin’ With Sophie

Last Sunday, we took our first day trip with Joslyn to a friendly little Bavarian Village. 🙂  I hadn’t been there since Mother’s Day last year when I was very round and preggo, so it was good to visit and do something different for the day.  Of course, Sophie the giraffe came along for the ride too and provided good company for Jos.

She didn’t even mind it when Joslyn decided to chew on her ears…what a good giraffe.  Well, she didn’t mind too much…I did hear a few squeaks of protest.

Joslyn did great on our little adventure except for a minor diaper incident at the end, but I won’t go there. 😉

From the top left ~ 1) The family, minus Nala, walking along the river. Nala was too busy sniffing all the “pee mail” left behind by other canines to be bothered with a family photo. 2)Joslyn trying to steal Momma’s milkshake…sorry little babe but you already had your milkshake. 3)Lunch at the Sleeping Lady Cafe. 4)Justin and Nala cruising the town. 5) Checking out the horse and buggy. 6) A stop at the toy store to peruse their goodies. 7) Daddy and Joslyn at the bookstore. I love this picture!  Joslyn decided to tilt her head waaaay down so Justin did the same. 😉

Can’t wait for our next trip!

Other than that, life has been pretty much the same as usual around here.  We take lots of walks, play, etc., etc..  I did purchase Joslyn this cool pocketchart type thing though…it must be the teacher in me but I just had to have it! 😉 It is designed for the car.  It hangs on the headrest and it has lots of different picture cards to look at.  I thought it would be good visual stimulation for Jos.  Well, before putting it in the car I decided to tape it beside of the changing table for a while so Joslyn would have something interesting to look at during diaper changes. That didn’t last long!

Little Miss Grabby Hands quickly found she could pull it off so I was constantly trying to put it back on.  Soooo, it is now in the car in its rightful place. 😉  I think I’m going to print some photos of family members and friends with their names on the pics to put in there later on and make other picture cards with words…oh, the possibilities!

That’s it for now.  I’ll be photographing Joslyn and her owl today as it is her 6 month birthday!  That’s so hard to believe!

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One Response to Road Trippin’ With Sophie

  1. Iris Marshall says:

    Happy birthday, Joclyn!

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