Miss J’s First Christmas

Our Little Christmas Elf!

Although this first Christmas wasn’t too eventful for our sweet pea, it was still fun.  I can’t wait until next year and the year after when she really gets excited about it.  Her hat was made by her Great Grandma Pauline and the dress was from Mamaw & Papaw.  Isn’t she the chubbiest little elf you’ve ever seen.

We opened presenets at our place before heading to Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi’s house.

We got Joslyn the Sophie Giraffe, which I would highly recommend.  It was a big hit.  It’s nice and soft for chewing and it squeaks very easily.  She holds it against her chest with one hand and hits it to make it squeak with the other.

A book from Santa!

A cell phone from Mamaw & Papaw…apparently they are expecting her to be tech savvy as they got her a laptop too. 😉

Justin chatting with puppy on Joslyn’s new cell phone. 😉

And they say babies can’t unwrap…hmmmph!  Ok, maybe she had a little help with this.

Nala enjoyed Christmas too even though this was her second time opening up this gift…the little present bandit.

She also got an ostrich toy from my brother, Aaron, and Hope, Allie, & Megan…she really likes to play with the ostrich. Ummm…by the way, a BIG, BIG, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Aaron & Hope who got engaged over Christmas!  I’m sooo excited she will be my new sister-in-law and I am thrilled that I will have two new sweet nieces!

The little elf posing for her Grampi.

Playing with Nanny before she proceeded to take a nap and sleep through all of the Christmas gift opening.  She did wake up for our White Elephant gift exchange though.

This little babe was the best gift of all!

 As for New Year’s, it wasn’t spent how we normally spend it.  We stayed home and had a very low-key evening.  In fact, we didn’t even make it up until midnight…imagine that! 😉  We did enjoy some fried ravioli, cannellini bean hummus with pita chips and veggies, and the next day we had 2012 pancakes, did a puzzle, and played Yahtzee…the wild life I tell ya!  Notice Joslyn totally staring at my carrot…she definitelt keeps an eye on us and our food when we are eating but don’t worry she had her rice cereal for dinner.

Happy 2012 to everyone…hope it’s a great one!

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2 Responses to Miss J’s First Christmas

  1. alison rice says:

    just love these. great pics, stories, and memory making.
    Not to mention the nice plates your ravioli is on. wink wink.

  2. We want you to plan our meals too!

    What a great series of pics!

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