Here Comes the Plane

Joslyn had her first solid food experience today and it was very successful!  We started her off with a little rice cereal mixed with some Momma milk in her new bamboo bowl from her cousin Dakota (it was a Christmas gift) and with her spoon that came from Mari, her Auntie Etsuko’s cousin, in Japan.

Ready to go….just add milk!

“Hmmm Dad, what is that in there?  Is that for me?”

Ready to eat!

And here comes the plane…

Miss Joslyn started grabbing for the spoon immediately and couldn’t seem to wait to get it into her mouth.  She was a pro and seemed to know exactly what to do with the spoon in front of her.  Guess she really has been watching us eat these past 5 1/2 months. 😉

The sippy cup is no different…I just got that for her the other day but she only wants to bang it when the lid is on.  She’s definitely not interested in sucking up any water from that little spout.  I guess that’s no surprise since she’s not a fan of the bottle either.  However, the minute I take the lid off she starts grabbing and bringing the cup to her mouth for a drink of water.  I suppose she’s been studying up on that too and likes to do everything like a big girl!

The plane has landed folks and it was a textbook landing!  We may just have a good little eater on our hands as this little gal really enjoyed her first experience with solid food.  Of course, Nala was extremely curious as to what was happening or perhaps she was already scheming ways to get her share of Joslyn’s food. 😉

Joslyn kept grabbing at the spoon and couldn’t seem to get enough.

“I’ll take the spoon now Dad.  I can do it myself!” I love the dribble running down her wrist.


Daddy and Joslyn

I got in on the action too and gave her a little taste but most of the time I was flashing the camera and squealing with delight about how she really liked it.

I think there are alot more plane landings in this little girl’s future!

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One Response to Here Comes the Plane

  1. I love seeing Nala ready for help with the clean up 😉

    Great pics!

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