Got Toes?

Joslyn does!  Here she is trying to get her toes on the 22nd of December.

She gave up and decided to roll over instead since she has mastered that.

She also took some time to suck on her bottom lip and feel her new bottom tooth. 🙂

The next day she decided to give it another go and she was successful!  Of course, it is now her new favorite thing to do during diaper changes…I think I like the grabbing the toes better than the rolling over during this time. 😉

She certainly has been enjoying playing with her toes and checking them out ever since she discovered she could do this.

So far, it’s just her left foot that she has been able to get.  She also rolls over to the left and not the right yet…hmmm.

Her big toe is definitely the easiest for her to grab on to.

She was very focused and stayed at this new game of hers for quite some time.  I wondered if and when she would ever get her toes into her mouth, but my question was answered today!

 As I was getting her dressed for the day I looked down and saw that she had her toes in her mouth! So I called for Justin to come in to see it, and then he snapped a few shots for me.

Now I have to make sure her toes are extra clean if she’s going to be eating them.  Nala likes to lick them and I normally am not so worried about washing her feet every time Nala licks them, but I may have to rethink that now. Then again, Nala did get her first official on the mouth lick in today!  I was not expecting it and Nala was so quick…Joslyn certainly didn’t seem to mind though.

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One Response to Got Toes?

  1. Khyra's Mom says:

    Oh to be THAT limber again 😉


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