Yes, randomnosity is a real word!

randomnosity: (n.)  1. a case of randomness  (according to the urban dictionary I found online 😉 hehehe!)

Anyway, I thought the word was fitting as this post is quite random and will have a variety of photos from the past few weeks.  Let the randomnosity begin…

I snapped a few shots of Joslyn at the end of last month…I love this angle of her looking back at me!  So sweet!

Those big blue eyes and those lips…can’t get enough!  Have I mentioned she officially has her first tooth…yep and she likes to take her tongue and run it along her gum to feel the rough little bumps that have suddenly appeared.  When she does this it pushes her lips out and is adorable.  I’ll have to try to capture that on camera or maybe video would be easier.

In addition to her first tooth she is getting close to sitting up on her own…the other day she used her hands to prop herself up although it didn’t last long before she started tipping forward.

Sitting in the puppy chair that Grampi made for her! Well, maybe leaning is a more appropriate word. 😉

Nala waits for a treat at the kitchen entrance (she does this ALOT), and Joslyn is playing on her playmat in the background.  I love how she is watching what Nala and I are doing.

More playmat fun…she loves to take the fish from the octopus and chew on it now.

Waking up is hard to do!

Hazards of the job…I never knew spit up could stain but this stuff left an oil-like stain behind.  Luckily, I got it out.

Pasta Puttanesca and Pepperoni Bread…not really the best combo but I was making the pasta and really wanted some pepperoni bread so I went with it.

Normally I make smaller pepperoni rolls but this time I wanted to try a big loaf like my Aunt Mary makes…the recipe came from her.  The first time I attempted it in college was a failure, later I  used the recipe and adapted it to make the small pepperoni rolls with pepperjack cheese and that is what I normally make but not this time.  I was brave and gave the full loaf another try, and it turned out tasty although it needed LOTS more pepperoni and I have to work on my folding…a little bready on the ends. 🙂

Joslyn likes to put her hand on top of mine when we are falling asleep.

Tummy time in the crib.

Nala wants to play too!

Hehehe…one day she may not be happy with me for this but oh well, I can’t help myself. 😉

This is what I found when I got out of the shower Saturday morning!  I expected to find a fussy baby waiting for Momma to put her to sleep but her Daddy worked some magic! YAY!

I am diggin’ the double chin!

Joslyn in her Christmas dress…the shoes are way too big but still cute!

Her faces make me laugh…

and they make me happy!

Hope everyone is having a great week and ready for the holidays that are closing in on us!  I can’t wait for Joslyn’s first Christmas this weekend!

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3 Responses to Randomnosity

  1. alison rice says:

    love them all, but my favorites are the fleece hat pic and one asleep with daddy.
    See you all soon.
    Merry Merry,

  2. mary lou yeager says:

    Great photos. Can’t wait to see the lil darling. New tooth, sitting up, where have I’ve been,
    She is growing up to fast.

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