Present Bandit

I present Exhibit A for the court!!!

Someone has been at it again…click here for last year’s present bandit escapades! Somehow the Present Bandit always manages to find the one present under the tree that is for her even though I have carefully barricaded it behind multiple other presents!  She gently pushes aside the other presents and pulls only hers out! How does she know?


You’ll have to excuse the blurriness as the perpetrator was quickly fleeing the scene!

Well, little Miss Naughty Pants got her present wrapped back up and now we are blocking off the tree when we are not home with various items to keep her from getting to it again before Christmas! After finding her present and proceeding to open it and getting busted…she decided to go in again and this time she ripped a corner from one of her baby sister’s toys off but I heard the first ripping sound and caught her before any damage was done!  She is SOOOO on Santa’s naughty list!

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2 Responses to Present Bandit

  1. This is why our mom doesn’t put ANY presents under the tree! We want to let you know, that our mom is following your mom’s blog too because she’s quiet nervous about having a hu-baby. Watching that your mom is still in love with you too, makes us all feel better that we can possibly be ok if/when that day comes!

    Nala & Tanner

  2. Remi says:

    Ha! It’s probably the only present that smells like a monkey, therefore worthy of being opened. The nose knows!!!

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