What Happened to Thanksgiving?

December followed, that’s what happened!  Ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been busy with Christmas photos, cards, presents, baking goodies, etc, etc…so, the Thanksgiving pictures got lost in the shuffle but I just wanted to share a few now.

We celebrated with a large group at the home of our friends, the Marshalls.  We didn’t really get any photos that day but we had a great time with wonderful family and friends.  Joslyn hung out in her front carrier and snoozed against me for the first half of the evening.  Then, right before dinner I took her out.  Well, she decided that during her pre-dinner diaper change she wanted to go pee on her Thanksgiving onesie so there went that and a new outfit was put on.  At least, she didn’t get any on the floor!  Really Iris, your floors are safe! 🙂 Well, after that she got a bit fussy so Justin had baby duty while I scarfed down turkey dinner in record time and then he ate while I took over.  Miss J didn’t make it to dessert and she and I headed home, well, to her Nanny & Grampi’s house.  She was a tired little sweet pea and went right to sleep within 15 minutes of getting back.

The photos I’ve included here are from our 2nd turkey dinner the next day at Ken & Mary Lou’s with the Rice family since they were with Ed’s family on Thanksgiving day.  We had lots of yummy food and it was nice visiting with family although Miss J was a fuss bucket that evening too. 🙂  I guess that’s to be expected though when in a new situation with lots of people and lots more noise than she is used to.  Auntie Alison saved the day though as she made sure we gave Joslyn a spoon to play with at the table…that kept her busy for a bit. It’s very nice now that she can manipulate things with her little hands and entertain herself for a few minutes!!

Joslyn was definitely eyeing my food too!  She’s more and more interested in all the things that go from plate to fork to mouth these days.  I’m thinking her first taste of solid food (rice cereal) may happen on New Year’s day just before her 1/2 birthday!

I have no idea what Alison and I were so excited about in the top left corner photo but the picture sure was funny to me. Just below that was the group playing Yahtzee after dinner while I was getting Joslyn to sleep…she woke up 5 times within the hour after I thought I had her to sleep so needless to say, no Yahtzee for me. 🙂 More importantly, check out that pumpkin pie…hands down, my favorite Thanksgiving dessert, and it was made from scratch and with lots of love by Alison!

Keeping Nala out of the trash is always a fun part of visiting Ken & Mary Lou.  Hehehe!  It’s especially hard when there is something like turkey scraps in there.


She did manage to get her turkey dinner too though.  More on her “Present Bandit” escapades to come…

Joslyn & Nanny

It’s so sweet how Joslyn reaches out and touches people’s faces except when she has slobbery hands or decides to clench her fists tightly. 😉

So, that was our Thanksgiving.  I’m sure it will take me until about February to get Christmas photos on here.

Stay tuned for the “Present Bandit” post….someone has been VERY naughty!!!

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3 Responses to What Happened to Thanksgiving?

  1. kayla says:

    looks like you had a great thanksgiving!! now time for christmas!! i love you amber and kiss that beautiful baby girl for me!! hope to see you sometime in the near future!

  2. Sandy Ross says:

    very sweet, love you

  3. Shannon Miller says:

    That’s funny! I know what you’re going through! Meals are always eaten in shifts between myself and Jason! Or I’m down to the one handed eating! Also games are no longer competitive for me! I always have to walk away, or not finish!

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