Little Book Worm

How can a 5 month old be a book worm?  Well, all I know is that this little girl really LOVES books already!  When I get her on my lap and put a book in front of her she just settles right in and gets ready for the story to start.  She likes to help me hold the book, sometimes she tries to put it in her mouth, she looks at the pictures and then she looks up at me as I’m signing the words or doing some silly voice and smiles, then it’s back to the pictures again.  I just hope this love of books continues as she gets older.

The picture above was from a couple of months ago and this black & white picture book was one of her favorites then.  She still likes it, but she really seems to enjoy Brown Bear, Brown Bear and a couple of other animal books we have now.  I think she really enjoys hearing the crazy animal sounds her Momma makes.  She also likes Skeleton Hiccups, a book I had with my school Halloween stuff, and again it’s the sound effects and sign language she seems to be mesmerized by….she just watches me and grins so big every time I make the hiccup sound…hic, hic, hic!

She likes it when her Daddy reads to her too…his reading voice seems to soothe her. 🙂

Little Miss Independent holding her own book!  She even tries to turn the pages herself too.

 This was from this morning.  This cloth book was fascinating to her and gave Momma a few minutes to get winter gear ready for our walk.  I just love my little book worm!

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