Rudolph Sighting

Well, maybe she isn’t exactly Rudolph, but she sure does leap as gracefully as a reindeer! 😉 On a sidenote, my grandfather’s name is Rudolph, which I happen to think is pretty cool although he goes by Duke.

Anyway, it got very frosty here this weekend…no real snow but tons of frost and it continues to hang around making everything look so beautiful.  We hung out at home most of the weekend, but we did get out on Saturday for a quick walk with Nala & Joslyn.  I thought it might be too cold for Joslyn, but she stayed nice and warm bundled up in her snowsuit and snuggled up against me.

Nala had her winter jacket on too which helped her stay warm, plus she did alot of running and jumping which also helped.


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One Response to Rudolph Sighting

  1. Sandy Ross says:

    So cute, Love reading and looking at the pic’s. Wade is here with right now and trying to get the computer. love you all

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