Cool & the Gang!

The sun was shining the other day so we decided to head out for a walk and Joslyn got to try out her shades that Uncle Aaron picked out for her.  Nala was a good girl and stayed by our side the whole time rather than attempting to sniff every blade of grass or drop of dirt we passed…somehow I think that had to do with the little bag of cheddar cheese I had with me. 😉

Cool & Cozy

 Since my sweet pea was feeling so cool, the next day she decided to delight us with her skills.  After changing a diaper, I was disposing of the dirty one and saw little Miss J turning high up on her side and really trying to kick that leg over.  I grabbed the camera and watched as she tried and tried only to roll back over onto her back with each attempt.  She kept getting stuck on the arm underneath her body but she was not giving up!

Her efforts paid off and eventually she made it all the way!  Then she got upset because she couldn’t get back over so I helped her and she rolled onto her belly 4 more times.  When Justin got home he got the video camera out to capture her and she just stared at him…every time he turned away though she would start trying to roll.  It was pretty funny but finally he captured her on video! Way to go Joslyn!!!

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2 Responses to Cool & the Gang!

  1. mary lou yeager says:

    Let me know when she is ready for zumba

  2. mary lou yeager says:

    Grampi has just rename Joslyn. J-cool.

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