Who Needs Diamonds?

This little gal is the most precious gem of all!  She’s all the bling this Momma needs.

Joslyn and I had fun taking photos today.  I got so many cute ones of her!  These are not even my favorites…saving those for potential Christmas card photos (which I have to get done this week!).  Meanwhile, the perfect Christmas card family photo still evades us.   😦   It’s not easy getting a decent photo with a baby and a dog when the camera is on a tripod and no one is behind it to get their attention.  A treat on the lens works wonders for Nala, but Joslyn likes to play hard ball…not even her frog that makes ribbit sounds worked.  I guess we will give it another go tomorrow.  Wish me luck because I hope to get a photo I am satisfied with before I drive my family and myself completely insane. 😉

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One Response to Who Needs Diamonds?

  1. mary lou yeager says:

    Love the one in the basket, a true diamond, a 5 grade diamond. Nanny

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