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Here Comes the Plane

Joslyn had her first solid food experience today and it was very successful!  We started her off with a little rice cereal mixed with some Momma milk in her new bamboo bowl from her cousin Dakota (it was a Christmas … Continue reading

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Got Toes?

Joslyn does!  Here she is trying to get her toes on the 22nd of December. She gave up and decided to roll over instead since she has mastered that. She also took some time to suck on her bottom lip … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season! Nala makes an excellent attention getter for photos. 😉 This is probably my favorite family picture from our holiday photo extravaganza…blurry, Nala is watching her treat on the floor, Justin … Continue reading

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Yes, randomnosity is a real word! randomnosity: (n.)  1. a case of randomness  (according to the urban dictionary I found online 😉 hehehe!) Anyway, I thought the word was fitting as this post is quite random and will have a … Continue reading

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Present Bandit

I present Exhibit A for the court!!! Someone has been at it again…click here for last year’s present bandit escapades! Somehow the Present Bandit always manages to find the one present under the tree that is for her even though I have … Continue reading

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What Happened to Thanksgiving?

December followed, that’s what happened!  Ever since Thanksgiving I’ve been busy with Christmas photos, cards, presents, baking goodies, etc, etc…so, the Thanksgiving pictures got lost in the shuffle but I just wanted to share a few now. We celebrated with … Continue reading

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Little Book Worm

How can a 5 month old be a book worm?  Well, all I know is that this little girl really LOVES books already!  When I get her on my lap and put a book in front of her she just settles right … Continue reading

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