Birthday Scenes

Yesterday I turned 33 and what better way to celebrate than to share it with these two little turkeys. 😉  Actually let’s go back to the beginning…

I woke up to the smell of coffee and eggs!  Justin was downstairs making me a fried egg.  We rarely have fried eggs, but when we have leftover cornbread (which we did) we like to sometimes put a fried egg over top of a piece of cornbread.  Don’t knock it…it’s actually quite tasty BUT the cornbread has to be a little sweet….none of this stuff without sugar please! That was a great start to the morning.  From there, Joslyn and I met my friend Marilee and her little babe at the coffee shop.  We didn’t plan for our little turkeys to be in the same outfit but it turned out they were, so I had to snap a picture of the two cuties!  Matthew is just 3 weeks old and such a darling.  He slept the whole time and made the cutest little newborn squeaks! We won’t mention the part where I spilled my coffee all over the floor on the way out and this nice gentleman opened the door for us because he was probably afraid I was going to drop more stuff….no, we won’t mention that at all!

Anyway, onto more birthday scenes…

That afternoon was the 2nd annual birthday tea party celebration with my friend Julie and her grandchildren, Savannah & Cash. Last year at this time I had just found out I was pregnant and now my little babe is here with us!

Last year

When I arrived they surprised me with a special birthday hat they made for me and a beautiful paper Christmas tree all decorated…those pics will come later. 😉  It was sooo sweet.

We enjoyed peppermint tea, lemon cake, and applesauce! YUM!


Julie & Joslyn…how lucky I am to have such a wonderful and caring friend.  I think it’s so great how she does these things with her grandchildren too and teaches them how fun it can be to do nice things for others.  I will definitely take this lesson and use it with my own babe!

That evening, Justin brought home dinner from a local restaurant!  I had chicken parmesan and he had a chipotle pasta and then we both had Nanaimo bars for dessert.  The picture taking faded at this point as I was very focused on my chicken parmesan. 😉  He even bought my favorite wine although since I am nursing I only had two sips but boy were those two sips tasty!  Oh, I also got a remote flash for my camera and season 2 of Parenthood from Justin.  We watched the first episode last night after Jos was asleep.  It was a wonderful birthday!

Now onto Thanksgiving…

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to Birthday Scenes

  1. Bridget Burroughs says:

    love the outfit! too cute!!! love the Turkey!!!

  2. Khyra's Mom says:

    What a post full of smiles and memories!

    Thanks for sharing them!

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