Memory Monday & Weekend Recap

Grampi & Joslyn at the hospital the night she was born.

Grampi & Joslyn this morning.  Joslyn’s spiky hair is courtesy of Nanny who brushed it this way for her after her bath on Sunday night. 🙂

Nanny reading to Joslyn when she was just a few days old.

Nanny & Joslyn playing and laughing last night.  I LOVE this picture of the two of them and it was so fun to see and hear Joslyn’s laughter.

Of course, Nala couldn’t be left out!  She made sure she got right in on the action and she kept trying to give Nanny kisses.  Don’t worry, Nanny played chase around the table with Nala too…she NEVER leaves her furry grandchild out. 😉

It was fun to have Ken & Mary Lou visit for a night and Joslyn even went to sleep easily and stayed that way allowing me to play two games of Yahtzee with everyone without interruption. 🙂  Thanks sweet pea!

Nanny  & Grampi also brought Joslyn this lovely new outfit along with a few others.  I can’t wait to try on her Thanksgiving outfit!

It  snowed Friday night so naturally we had to snap a few pictures of Joslyn’s first snow!  It was gone by Saturday evening which I am happy about but it was nice to have the white stuff on the ground for a bit.

When Joslyn was first born I thought she looked alot like me as a baby, but I definitely think she looks alot like Justin these days although I occasionally get a glimmer of me too.  Still wondering if she will keep her blue eyes or not?  A friend said that her little girl’s eyes didn’t change color until about 11 months so who knows.  I do love her blue eyes though.

Although she may be reminding me of her Daddy these days, she also may have inherited her Momma’s knack for closing her eyes in photos.  Sorry Joslyn! 😉

The rest of the weekend was marked with short walks (out of the wind as it has been terribly windy the past two days), relaxing, homemade soup and bread, chocolate chip cookies, a trip to the grocery store, and a visit to check on Nala’s doggie pal, Sierra, whose Mom was away at a conference for the day. Oh yea, I also got to go out for a little over an hour Friday night with two great friends for dinner!  When I returned home Joslyn and Justin were playing on her play mat and she had polished off some milk from a bottle!

Nala and Sierra running through the field.

Sierra decided to go about business as usual and start digging for critters while Nala looked on in total shock and disbelief wondering why in the world Sierra would prefer to dig in the dirt rather than chase her.

Nala made several attempts to bound away like a deer in hopes of getting Sierra’s attention but her tactics proved to be in vain.  Oh well, they did run and play a bit together and it’s always fun for Nala to just be with her pals even if they are digging for critters and not chasing her. 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

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One Response to Memory Monday & Weekend Recap

  1. Michelle Clouse says:

    Oh my gosh, I just can’t believe how much Mary Lou reminds me of Grandma Myrt! It’s so fun to see all these pictures! What a cute zebra outfit too!

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