Our Saturday-Friday

I kept thinking today was Saturday because Justin had the day off but luckily it is only Friday, and we get two more days with him! 🙂  We took a walk down by the river and it was Justin’s first time using the carrier with Joslyn. Good thing he got to use it at least once because I’m ordering a new one next week as this one really hurts my back after wearing it awhile.  Yes, that is a pink blanket he has too…I didn’t mean to grab the pink one but it was the closest to the door as I was exiting. 😉  He didn’t mind though especially after he realized it made a nice hand warmer for him.  Also, Joslyn is officially 4 months old today…for some reason I kept thinking yesterday was the 11th (I’m all off on my days) so she had her 4 month photo taken a day early (see yesterday’s post)…close enough I say!

These geese certainly had the right idea as it was COLD today and is currently snowing! YIKES!  Joslyn’s first snow and she is missing it as she is sleeping soundly right now.  Perhaps there will still be a bit on the ground in the morning.

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2 Responses to Our Saturday-Friday

  1. great pics. as usual. love to all.

  2. Beth says:

    Absolutely love little Joslyn’s smile 🙂 Too precious!

    Love and miss you all!

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