Made With Love

These photos were taken about 2 months ago.  The sweet little dress, hat, & booties were made by my Grandma Pauline in Ohio. There’s also a bib that matches it too. We received this in the mail just days before Joslyn was born and also a cute dog blanket and the dog looks just like Nala.  My grandma made that too…she’s quite crafty. 😉 Obviously, Joslyn was a bit sleepy (notice the yawn and the stretch) and not too happy, so this photo session was cut very short.  The dress was also still a bit big in the arms, so we postponed it until later.  Well, we finally got around to taking more photos in the outfit this month and the little darling was alot happer this time around. 🙂

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3 Responses to Made With Love

  1. Shannon Miller says:

    Your blog keeps me entertained! I love checking fb and seeing a new post! I love the picture of J stretching! And the booties are adorable!! How fun little girls are!:)

  2. the headband matches perfectly. Jis so adorable. Love to all.

  3. Aw, so sweet! I love the dress and booties; very adorable. They match the baby perfectly! 🙂

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