Not All Smiles & Giggles

It usually starts out like this and…

ends something like this (most of the time), BUT sometimes

it goes from good to bad in under 10 seconds! Yes, I decided to snap a few of these shots before comforting my girl, but I literally snapped all of these in about ten seconds so she didn’t have to wait long. 🙂  I don’t want to forget any of her faces…even the crying ones.

These photos were taken at my friend’s house.  She (Julie) has some big trees in her yard and the leaves are gorgeous and golden in the fall.  She called me to tell me how pretty they were, so before heading out on a walk with Joslyn and the dogs we took advantage of the nice day and beautiful scenery.  Check out the line of drool coming from my girl’s mouth on the bottom two photos! 🙂

Julie was also snapping some photos at the same time as me so below are a few of the images she captured.  Thanks for the photos Julie and for letting us use your yard!

I was hesitant to share this photo for obvious reasons ;), but decided that in order to show you, my family and friends, what I do when I take pics of my girl then I must post it anyway.  Can’t be afraid to get down and dirty when taking photos!

You also can’t be afraid to make ridiculously silly faces and sounds continuously!

 I’ll never tire of photographing my girl.  Don’t worry she isn’t photographed constantly (although it may seem that way)…our photo sessions are short but I snap a lot in a short time.  She engages in plenty of other activities throughout the day as well, such as reading books, singing songs, taking walks (well, she rides), watching her Momma do sign language, etc, etc…  Anyway, thanks to those who visit our blog and don’t tire of seeing my pictures either. 🙂  Your visits and comments are appreciated!  My hope is that our family and friends who don’t get to see Joslyn on a regular basis, and those who haven’t met her yet, can enjoy seeing her grow through photographs.


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4 Responses to Not All Smiles & Giggles

  1. Abby says:

    I love all the photos and think its great!! But I take a lot of photos too, so I u derstand!

  2. she is so precious. i love all your pics, and i am glad you have the blog so i can see her.. love to all.

  3. Shannon Miller says:

    The leaves are gorgeous!!! I went out and took some of Cooper in the leaves too! Fall is so pretty!! Love the pictures ” behind the scenes!”

  4. Joel says:

    Holy cow! I was cracking up with that series of crying photos. Joslyn is awesome and you are a great mom Amber. You too dad!

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