Fall Fun

We have been getting out for as many walks as we can and enjoying the leaves and the sunshine.  On the weekends Justin gets to join us, which makes having Nala along ALOT easier on me. 🙂  For the most part though Nala is pretty good…her only downfall is eating not so appetizing things she finds along the trail like “horse candy” or animal carcasses.  Sorry, but it’s a reality when you have a dog, and I’m sure they seem quite appetizing to her. YUCK!  It could be worse…at least she stays close by and listens well except when she finds her special treats and then the selective hearing kicks in.  Below is a little video of one of our recent walks that Justin put together.  He’s been learning new tricks when it comes to making videos which I highly encourage as this means fun vids for Joslyn to see when she’s older!

These ones were taken with my cell phone.  Joslyn started out not so happy (top right), then she was alert and interested in her surroundings, and then asleep. 🙂

We had fun taking pictures of Joslyn in the leaves in our backyard the other day too.  I certainly know that we already have enough pictures of this sweet pea to fill up about 20 albums.  If we ever have another kiddo I am going to have to bust my buns to make sure that child has as many as Jos!  I just can’t help but take pictures of my sweet babe…I will totally be one of those parents at school functions who is standing in the aisles snapping away, blocking everyone’s view, and embarrassing my child. 😉 hehehe!  Perhaps I won’t be that bad, but we’ll see.

Love this silly girl.

These are a few of the outtakes…notice the drool in the second one.  She is quite the drooler these days and starting to chew on things as she has now learned to use her hands to grasp and brings things to her mouth.  She’s still getting it all figured out, but she has really started using her hands more this week.

It’s so cute when she smiles and then does a face plant into the blanket with such excitement. More leaf pics to come sometime soon, but first we have Halloween, and of course I will have photos of my two girls dressed in costume, so to those who care to see then stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Fall Fun

  1. Sandy Ross says:

    I enjoyed them Amber, she is so cute and happy. Love you all and miss you!

    Mama Sandy

  2. Remi says:

    oooooo!!!! Cannot WAIT to see the costumes!!!! Mom put one of those hotdog costumes on me, but it looked ridiculous cuz it was way to small. I’m jealous of all your trail treats. That’s the best part of walkies is the smelly, yummie treats. Hey, at least we don’t roll in it!

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