Family Photos & a Special Visitor

About a month ago my friend, Julie, took some family photos for us, and I’m just now getting around to posting them.  I don’t think we managed to get everyone looking alert and happy in any of the photos but when you have a dog and a new baby then I suppose that’s to be expected. 🙂  Either Nala was good in one and Joslyn wasn’t or vice versa.  Regardless, we had fun and I like the shots we did get even though not everyone is smiling or looking toward the camera.

I love how even Nala is looking at Jos in this one.  We’ll pretend Joslyn was not crying in this one but rather grinning with excitement. 😉

Thanks to Julie for a fun time and some great photo memories.

Now on to our special visitor…Florence!

Florence lives in southern Oregon, and she is a good friend of Mary Lou, Joslyn’s Nanny.  Mary Lou and Ken lived in the same town as Florence for two years while Ken worked on the airport there and that’s how they met. Well, about two weeks ago Florence came to visit and Mary Lou and Ken brought her over to our place for the evening.  We enjoyed having her over, and hope her evening wasn’t too miserable…Joslyn was VERY fussy that night.  Florence also brought Joslyn a very sweet stocking with her name and birth date on it and a gorgeous blanket with the sweetest little animals.  The animals have the cutest expressions.  Thank you SO much Florence!  That was so thoughtful of you, and we will treasure these special gifts.  Joslyn has already been enjoying her blanket…for proof see below. 🙂

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2 Responses to Family Photos & a Special Visitor

  1. Abby Hoefer says:

    Love the pictures! Believe me, I didn’t see anything wrong with any of those. Family photos are one of the most stressful parenting adventures!! I find myself acting ridiculous and saying things I never say to get them to smile and act normal! Why does Jocelyn have a nanny? Did you go back to work?

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