Birthday Boy

Today is Justin’s birthday…yep, he is 38 years young today!  (Sorry, I told your age babe.) 😉  He certainly deserves a relaxing day because this guy not only works hard all week at his day job, but he comes home in the evenings and on weekends and continues the hard work on his job as Dad and husband.  Life would be very rough without this awesome guy around.  He mows the lawn, picks up the dog poop, walks the dog, fixes clogged garbage disposals after someone (not mentioning any names here) clogs it up with carrots, washes laundry, washes dishes, occasionally cooks dinner (he makes the BEST salmon) or finishes cooking it when I need to tend to Joslyn, folds laundry like no one I know (I don’t even fold laundry as well as he does), helps with diaper changes, makes us laugh, steps in when he sees I need a “baby break”, as our girl is a Momma’s girl at this stage of the game and won’t let anyone else hold her for long, and tells me to take the dog for a 15 minute walk or take a bath, makes brownies (well, he was fired from that job but we won’t get into the details there ;), and most importantly he loves us.  I am so lucky to call this guy my husband!

Happy Birthday Babe!  Thanks for all you do.  I hope you have a wonderful day!

I will apologize for the next picture now…please don’t kill me, but it was too cute not to put in! 😉

Yes, not only is he cooking breakfast but he’s doing it in style and looking very cool in his shades…no bacon grease will be getting in his eyes. 😉

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2 Responses to Birthday Boy

  1. Abby Hoefer says:

    Awww…..happy Birthday Justin….he sounds like a great husband/dad!!! And we were all just ooohing and awwing over your precious girl. She is soooooo cute! Even in her Husky gear!!

  2. Happy Birthday Justin, sorry I didn’t know sooner or I would have sent a card. So nice to hear of families like Amber just described. Love u all.

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