Thankful Thursday

I can’t even express how thankful I am for this little girl.  The privilege of being her Momma is the best gig I’ve ever had, hands down! That’s not to say it’s not hard because it’s HARD, some days more than others…like last week when my poor friend, who probably never wants a child now,  came over and witnessed my frazzled state.  I literally made the statement that I was about to pull my hair out.  1. Joslyn was crying and not much was calming her. 2. Joslyn’s sock falls off when I answer the door to welcome my friend in, and then Nala proceeds to grab it and take off like she’s so happy I dropped the sock just for her, and she refuses to drop it. 3. Joslyn is STILL crying. 4. My friend has to get our lunch ready even though she is MY guest. 5. I finally have Joslyn calm, but then she starts to fuss again so I get up from my yummy soup, that my friend had to heat up and put in bowls, to calm Joslyn again, and Nala seizes the opportunity to enjoy a little soup herself for lunch.  I forgot to push my bowl back so Nala couldn’t get it, and believe me she doesn’t let an opportunity like that pass her by.  It was a lovely day! 😉 Moments like that are hard, but I am reminded of how precious even the hard moments are because I get to spend them with my babe.  When I get to see her smiles, smell her baby scent, snuggle with her, see her pouty lip, watch her grin so big while on her tummy and then push her face into the blanket with excitement, and when she calms down in my arms because she feels secure and comforted…those moments make all the hard moments worth it.   I’m sure that one day I’ll look back and wonder why I let such silly things rattle me, but for now I guess it’s part of being a new Mom. 🙂

Yes, I am thankful for this girl too because despite my lack of attention these days she still likes to give me kisses, sleep in with us in the mornings, she still has that playful spirit, and because she loves her little sister.  She is so sweet and gentle with Joslyn…I am very thankful for both my girls!

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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. Shannon Miller says:

    Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  2. Remi says:

    Hmmm… Sounds like Joslyn and Nala are in cahoots! …. Joslyn: “Ok, so first I’ll kick off my sock, then you grab it and run like mad.” Nala: “Deal. Then, once mom sits down to that yummy soup, you distract her so I can slurp some of that yumminess!”

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