Joslyn Rolls Over!

Joslyn rolled over for the first time today!!  I was so surprised and lucky enough to catch it on camera.  Technically, I missed the first roll over, so then I ran to get the video camera and put her back on her tummy in hopes she would do it again although I thought there was no way I would be lucky enough for her to do it again on video. She did! At first she rolled onto her side and seemed to get stuck, but then she managed to roll the rest of the way over.  She was much quicker the second time which is what you see on the video.  So, Justin’s project tonight was putting the little video clip together so I could post it here. Thanks sweetie!

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One Response to Joslyn Rolls Over!

  1. She looks like she is so proud of her new thing of rolling over. She is so adorable. LOL

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