Perfecting the Chicken Nugget & Other Things

Chicken nuggets, you ask?  What about all the baby photos?  Don’t worry I’ll get there, but first I want to share with you my newest challenge.  I am determined to perfect the homemade chicken nugget!  I made some last week along with some sweet potato fries and they turned out pretty good, but I think I need to tweak a few things.  They are so easy to make and much better than what you may find in a restaurant or the frozen food section. You just cut up your chicken into pieces, dip in egg and then a breadcrumb mixture.  I used Italian seasoned breadcrumbs with freshly grated parmesan cheese, fresh Italian parsley, some dried thyme, a little salt, and pepper.  Then I placed them on a cookie cooling rack on top of a baking sheet (to crisp up both sides so I wouldn’t have to turn them) and baked them for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. We ate them with ketchup and marinara but next time I think some honey mustard and sweet and sour sauce is in order. Next time I definitely want to add some more parsley too and maybe experiment with some other things as well. Why am I doing this?  I want to be prepared for the day Joslyn asks to go to the well-known restaurant with the golden arches…this way I can tell her that we will just make our own chicken nuggets because they are far superior!  And I’m sure this will work every time. 😉  I’m really just excited to cook for her and with her although purees will be on our agenda for awhile.

Now onto the baby photos…

I had to get Joslyn in her owl outfit that my pal Elizabeth (Thanks Liz) got for her with her stuffed owl.  Also, you will notice the layered look.  Miss J has a number of outfits that are just now starting to fit but are short sleeves or tank tops so I bought 4 long-sleeved onesies and now she gets to wear her cute outfits during the cold season!  Also, little leggings or tights keep her legs warm if she has shorts or a skirt on.

A little tummy time play with Dad!

A walk on the college campus.  Justin had to get one in front of the science building…I think he’s hoping Miss J will develop a passion for science. 🙂  Me too!  Also, notice Nala doing a diaper check before she’s ready to pose for her picture…duty calls I guess, and she takes her job very seriously!

Joslyn enjoys looking at her photos above her changing table.  In a few months I’ll have to change them out with some color ones but for now she really likes the B&W.

This little outfit came all the way from France!  Thanks Jewel!  Jewel, a friend of Joslyn’s Nanny who is visiting France, sent her this sweet little romper, two shirts, and a sweater and socks that she knit. We love all of the outfits.  The interesting thing is that this romper smells so good…I have no idea what it is but even after I washed it the sweet smell remains…perhaps French fabric just smells better? 🙂

Look at those legs go…Joslyn has been such a squirmy wormy the last couple of weeks.  In fact she likes to kick and move and get herself turned around.  She has managed to do quarter turns at this point.  And yes, I know she looks like a basketball star from the 80’s with her chunky headband as Justin pointed out. 😉

Finally, I have run out of photos (not really) and time (definitely), so this is the last one for this post.  This is Miss J in her sleep sack.  I am so glad we purchased this.  It goes right over her pj’s and keeps her warm on those nights she needs a little more.  She has this one that is light and a heavier fleece one for when it gets colder.  It zips up which makes diaper changes nice and easy in the middle of the night.

The End! (for now)

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4 Responses to Perfecting the Chicken Nugget & Other Things

  1. Abby says:

    I love the photo collage with her name….where did you get the letters? Also great idea on the chicken nuggets….I should try that sometime!!

  2. Khyra's Mom says:

    What great shots!

    I loved Nala’s diaper inspection!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You r a wonderful Mom. Love to all.

  4. Hi Amber! I am enjoying keeping up with your sweet little family… Nala is as cute as ever, and that little baby, omg! So adorable. I particularly love this little owl outfit. And I love her room too – I love owls, hehe. Just wanted to say a little hello. So glad to see you are all doing well.
    Jess, Clover’s mom xo

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