First Shots

Joslyn had her 2 month appointment yesterday and got her first set of shots. 😦 It was not fun for this Momma at all!  She was already fussy before and when they poked her (3 times) she just screamed and cried as I’m sure most babies do.  I almost cried too, but was able to hold it in.  She cried for a few minutes but once we got outside and put her in her car seat she calmed down.  Once we got home she seemed fine for about an hour and then the poor thing just started feeling awful.  I’m not sure if the shots caused it or if it was something else, but she seemed to be having awful tummy pains (similar to ones she was having the day before) plus I think maybe her legs were sore from the shots.  Every time I picked her up she just cried and not a little cry but a BIG one like she was in horrible pain.  I could eventually get her settled down but if I changed position in the slightest she would start up again. In between these sessions she would take short little naps.  Finally, she went to sleep for the night and slept well waking up this morning a happy camper! She’s had a great day and I am so happy because it was absolute torture knowing she was feeling so bad and there was so little I could do to help her.  I am NOT looking forward to future shots though…I know that!

On a more positive note, she is growing quite well and is in the 50th percentile for her age and growth.  She now weighs 11 lbs. 4 oz. and she is 22 1/4 in. long.

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3 Responses to First Shots

  1. Judy says:

    your baby is so sweet and cute ! love Ella.

  2. Abby Hoefer says:

    I hated shots too. In fact with Hailey I would be nervous the whole morning and sick to my stomach. I don’t know if you want to do this, but I started giving baby tylenol to the girls right before their shots. I also got them completely dressed and just pulled their pants down for the shots, so all I had to do after was pull up the pants and pick them up and nurse them. Easier than trying to wrestle a screaming baby. And all I wanted to do was comfort them anyway right away!! I would just sit in the drs office and nurse until they calmed down. I feel for you Amber….it is so hard to watch them in pain!!

  3. Abby Hoefer says:

    Have I mentioned she is ADORABLE though????!!!!

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