Joslyn’s First Trophy!

Joslyn received her very first trophy!  That’s right…the feat of being born is such hard work that it merits a trophy!  Joslyn’s Great Uncle Larry & Great Aunt Janice from Nebraska (Justin’s uncle and aunt on his mom’s side of the family) like to commemorate the births of the children in their family with these trophies that have all the birth information on them, and they sent one to us for Joslyn.  Thank you so much Uncle Larry & Aunt Janice! It was a real treat to get this trophy and it definitely put a smile on our faces. 🙂

Another thanks to Joslyn’s Great Aunt Marie (aka ReRe, my aunt in West Virginia) for sending us a care package that included the new onesie (it has cupcakes on it but Miss J is hiding them with her tiny hands) Joslyn is wearing in her trophy photo which is probably appropriate as Marie has more trophies than anyone I know. 😉  She’s a sports fanatic and was my softball, basketball, & volleyball coach growing up.  Thanks Marie!

Isn’t family GREAT!

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2 Responses to Joslyn’s First Trophy!

  1. yes Family is great, and your family all love you all very much. Nice trophy, beautiful reciepient. love to all.

  2. Michelle says:

    Gotta love the “naked baby” trophies! We’ve got 3 sitting in the kid’s room on a shelf (yes all 3 kids share 1 room)! You think I’d know someone that’d finish our basement bedrooms, huh?!?

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