Catch Up

I have some catch up to do so here goes….

You may want to click on the collages to see the individual photos better.

The above collage is from Labor Day weekend at Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi’s.  Top left – Uncle Ed aka “Baby Whisperer”, Top Right – Joslyn & Justin catch a few extra zzz’s in the morning, Middle Left – A walk with Nanny & Grampi, Middle Right – Grampi plays with Joslyn, Bottom Left – Sarah, me, Joslyn, & Etsuko…thanks for the picture Alison, Bottom Right – Alison, Mary Lou, & Justin.

These two wonderful ladies are Iris & Jane.  Their families always celebrate special occasions/holidays with the Yeager family…in fact, they are pretty much family too. 🙂  Of course, they were with us on Labor Day and Iris & her husband, Frank, brought Joslyn a sweet little hippo and a cute outfit.  The hippo is perfect as I like to call her my “hungry hippo”.  Jane and her husband, Tate, have 6 granddaughters of their own so they had lots of baby stuff at their house from when the kiddos would visit.  Jane brought a play mat, bouncy chair, changing pad, and monitor to Ken & Mary Lou’s for when Joslyn visits!  Thanks ladies!

Joslyn with her hippo!

This is from when Joslyn was 5 days old and Alison and Sarah came to visit her. They brought over some baby clothes that were Sarah’s when she was a tiny babe.  Joslyn has been wearing the onesies, and we think it’s pretty special that they once belonged to her cousin.

This is one of Sarah’s baby onesies.

Here are some pictures from a trip to my wonderful friend’s house!  I met Julie due to our dogs who are great buds!  Nala was so happy to play with Ozzie as she had been pretty confined to short neighborhood walks since Joslyn was born.  In the photo they were taking a break to cool off in the shade.  Julie was also the only other person besides Ken & Mary Lou to visit us at the hospital when Miss J was born.  I would imagine Joslyn should recognize her voice more than any other besides mine & Justin’s since I spent more time with Julie than any other person during pregnancy. 🙂

I am also happy to report that I have figured out the stroller, and we have been venturing out on some better walks for Nala!  No trails yet though, only pavement, because Joslyn has to be a bit older before we do that. Can you see Nala in the first pic checking to make sure we are still coming? 🙂  In the second one, Joslyn and I hung out in the shade while Julie threw a few sticks for the dogs in the water. The last one is Joslyn and Nala in the backseat of the car.  It took me awhile to feel comfortable with Nala back there and I still watch her in the rear view mirror, but she does great!  She either lays down or rests her head on the top of the backseat.  The only thing I fear is Nala getting in a good face lick, so I keep Joslyn’s shade up so Nala can’t kiss her.  The time will come when face licks happen, but I’m not ready for that just yet. 🙂

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