Joslyn & the Owl

I have decided that every month I am going to take a picture of Joslyn by her owl to see how much she has grown.  The one below was at 2 weeks and then the following was at 1 month…it’s amazing to see the difference in just 2 weeks.  The rest will be monthly…can’t wait to see how much she grows in comparison to the owl.

Joslyn & the owl ~ 2 weeks old

Joslyn & the owl ~ 1 month

This was one of the 1 month photos, and I had to include it because as you can see Joslyn is clearly signing “I love you” to her Momma! 😉  Nevermind that she wasn’t looking at me…I assure you this is what she was saying!  It seems like her little hands are in this position a lot.  I wonder if this is typical of babies to have their tiny hands like this? All I know is that I am so excited to teach her sign language.  I have already started signing some songs when I sing to her and books when I read to her.  I have a feeling her first sign (besides I love you) 😉 will be ‘milk’ though as much as she loves her nummies!

Stay tuned for the 2 month pic with the owl…this little sugar plum will be 2 months old on Monday!

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4 Responses to Joslyn & the Owl

  1. alison rice says:

    our friends did something simalar with a bear and they used one from childhood and placed it next to the graduate pic with the bear
    . It was so moving.

  2. good idea with the owl. I’m sure she was signing to her Momma. Love to all. Can’t wait to see Monday’s picture.

  3. good idea with the owl. can’t wait to see monday’s picture. love to all.

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