Purple Bow

I’m clearly running out of titles for these posts already!  😉 Sheesh…I don’t know if I can keep up with this daily posting (and come up with titles) or not especially after a day like today.  My little sweet pea has been quite fussy and not taking a nap for any significant amount of time during the day (for the past couple of days) although she is still sleeping good at night.  Thank goodness for that or I would be a total zombie! Poor thing also had a MAJOR spit-up last night (more like vomit), but we checked her temperature which was good and everything else seemed fine.  Maybe she is just going through a growth spurt?? Or is it something that I am eating??  I have been limiting my intake of dairy products, but I did have lasagna yesterday, which of course had cheese on it.   All I really know is that this parenting stuff is hard, although wonderful at the same time.  I just hate seeing my baby in distress and hope whatever this phase is passes soon. 🙂 

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One Response to Purple Bow

  1. Khyra says:

    You can always use the date for a post!

    Keep the khute shots coming!

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