Finding the Thumb

Joslyn has been working on finding her thumb. I have caught her sucking her thumb on a few occasions, but it only lasts for a short time.  Today, she had her thumb in her mouth twice for much longer.  I have mixed feelings about it…it’s cute and provides my little sucker fish some sucking action when she’s not hungry, but at the same time I know in the future it could be a hard habit to break and it’s not the best for teeth.  However, it’s very hard to get her to take a pacifier, mostly she spits it out and then cries in frustration like we have majorly insulted her, so if the thumb provides her a little comfort then I say go for it baby!  I’ll just have to be creative in coming up with a way to get her to stop the thumb-sucking once we reach that point. 😉  Plus, think of all the cute thumb-sucking pictures I can get.

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One Response to Finding the Thumb

  1. Abby Hoefer says:

    I’ve had both and loved the thumb sucking because we never had to frantically search in the dark for the thumb, pull over off the freeway and search the van for it, or frantically run to the store to stock up on on more! However…..we now have an almost five year old still sucking away! ☺

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