Weekly Happenings

Joslyn wears her first skirt.

Joslyn, Nala, and I visit my friend Julie and her grandkids, Savannah and Cash…also, can’t forget Ozzie, Nala’s pal. Nala LOVED getting some play time in!

They were both very excited to meet her and they each gave her a picture they drew.

We made our first trip with Joslyn to a restaurant for lunch.  Nala even got to attend as they had outdoor seating!

After lunch, we went for a walk but we forgot the car seat attachment for the stroller so Justin carried the car seat and our walk was very short. 🙂  It was a good trial run…next time we venture out with the car seat I am sure we won’t forget the attachment.

We slept in…Nala too! Joslyn sleeps in her bassinet that you can see beside the bed, but sometimes in the morning after she nurses we just lay there and cuddle.

And finally, Joslyn and Justin showed off their spiky hair! Hehehe!

Can’t wait for the weekend…Joslyn’s Nanny & Grampi are on their way now!

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