A Day in the Life | December


A regular weekday in December filled with Christmas magic, elves, toons, preschool, naps and a visit with friends.  I made it to afternoon snack documenting this day and then didn’t pick up my camera for the rest of the day.  Not sure what happened.  Probably exhaustion, meltdowns, all the usual stuff and I called it good enough. ;)

Jos awoke and found her elf, Hart, taking a marshmallow bath.


Of course, she had to sneak in a few marshmallows for herself!  All. day. long.



Next, it was downstairs for her morning toon and some breakfast.


Then back up stairs to get ready for preschool and to get Addison ready too.  This ladybug is always parked at the bottom of the stairs awaiting Jos’s next spin around the house.




Clogged tear ducts mean ALOT of eye cleaning happens around here.  Luckily, they are much better now.





Off to preschool.


Our littlest elf along for the ride.


Back home for a visit with this guy and his Momma. Our last visit before she went back to work.  Boo Hoo!











The end.

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When You Have a Sick Babe…

you strap her in the ERGO so she can snooze upright while you catch up on some editing, photos of her sweet face, of course.


Our sweet Addi has a cold with a wheezy cough.  She is struggling a tiny bit, at times, with nursing since she is so stuffy and she is really starting to despise the good old bulb syringe and saline drops.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and they said she should start getting better and they said she was getting plenty of oxygen and her lungs sounded good, which eased our minds after hearing her terrible cough.  It’s especially bad at night.  Today, she had a few moments where she flashed us her winning smile and even wanted to play for a bit rather than just sleep or be carried by Momma.  Hoping we see even more of this smile in the next couple of days.  While I am enjoying the cuddles, I want my happy girl back!

Surprisingly, I have accomplished more around the house than normal.   Having Addi strapped in the ERGO, where she is happiest, has allowed me to actually get and somewhat keep the house clean.  However, tonight called for a simple cereal dinner.  Jos loved it!  She had cereal O’s with banana and milk and a slice of buttered toast, Justin had granola and milk and I had oatmeal (from a packet, mind you, which we never do, but boy was it good) and a piece of buttered toast too. Everyone was happy and finished at 5:05 pm. So, what to do now that dinner is finished SUPER early with little clean up? Make Butterscotch Cookies, of course.  I think I could get on board with a weekly cereal dinner plan! ;)

Below are a few of the photos I worked on while my babe was snuggled up against me snoozing away….


It’s all about them toes.



And meanwhile…


this girl is up to no good! ;) Hehe! Really, she has been a champ through this sickness!

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Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 5


Finally getting this posted.  Jos is on the left and Addi is on the right, as always.

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Let Her Eat Cake…


or maybe just some rice cereal to start.  That’s right, Miss Addi had her first taste of solid food on the 15th and she LOVED it!  It was adorable how she kept grabbing the spoon and opening her mouth like she had been doing it all along.  Her expressions were precious. Everyone got in on it, each taking turns feeding her. It was a fun milestone to share.







Unfortunately, our solid food consumption has taken a break today as Addi has a bit of a tummy bug. She is not technically running a fever but she is a bit warmer than usual and there have been alot of spit ups, tears and cuddling. Hope our sweet babe is back on track very soon!!


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Valentine Shenanigans


There’s just something about the ease of making things heart-shaped and the cuteness of it all that makes Valentine’s Day a favorite for me when it comes to doing activities with little ones, especially my own.  We really enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Countdown this year and Jos was super excited each morning to come downstairs, open her tiny red mailbox, sometimes find a sweet treat waiting inside and read about the day’s activity.

Above are a few of the activities we did leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Starting at the top, left to right: 1. We made heart sun catchers using coffee filters, water, food coloring and a water dropper. 2. We had a special tea party with a dear friend. 3. & 4. We played a Very Hungry Caterpillar shape game that incorporated speech practice for Jos. 5. Our finished valentine cards read, “Valentine, you make my heart SPARKLE! and included a glitter glue (found a pack of 10 at the $1 store!). 6. Delivering a special treat (green smoothie) to Daddy at work. 7. Uppercase and Lowercase match up game. 8. Jos working on her valentine cards… She painted some with a brush and others with her paint dabbers and then put a few spots of glitter glue on when they dried. 9. We played a polar bear letter fishing game and again incorporated some speech practice. 10. We did some ice painting although this one did not hold Jos’s attention.  She is typically not too into painting but I still enjoy exposing her to different types/ways to do art. 11. Green Smoothie mustache! 12. Confetti Heart Art…a heart shaped piece of contact paper was stuck to card stock, glue was applied around the outside and then Jos “exploded” a bag of paper confetti (cut up scrap paper) onto it.  This was fun but Jos wasn’t quite strong enough to pop the bag so I cut a few holes in it.


And for our food fun this month, so far…

Starting at the top, left to right: 1. I have a great sandwich press so we made several of these sandwiches with ham and cheese, pb&j or cream cheese and jelly and used a small cookie cutter to make heart-shaped veggies and fruits. Believe me, our lunches are rarely so cute and I am lucky to just get food on the plate half the time, but as I said, Valentine’s Day inspires me. ;) 2. We had a fondue dinner with cheese fondue and heart-shaped pretzels (Wowza, were these good and easy! Click on the word pretzels for the recipe I used) and of course, chocolate fondue with dippers for dessert. 3. Heart shaped pineapple and watermelon skewers with pepperoni and cheese tortillas. 4. Strawberry Jam and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Roll-ups. 5. Sugar cookies… This year we made our traditional ones with jam and Nutella inside but we also did some with jolly rancher candies.  They certainly were pretty but not my favorite, as obviously, the candy would stick to teeth. Luckily, we only made 5 of these and will not be repeating this. 6. I used a box brownie mix and made brownies in my mini muffin pan and we then made dessert skewers one night. 7. Frozen Yogurt with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. 8. Our Valentine’s breakfast, a day late. Strawberry Confetti Pancakes with whipped cream and bacon.  9. Another heart shaped breakfast.

We had so much fun and I love that I will have this blog to remind me of things we may want to repeat for next year or skip. More pics below…


Jos swirling jam into the yogurt hearts before they went into the freezer. The best part though is Addi eating Daddy’s knee in the background. ;)


A Valentine Bath …   Lavender oil, pink water, artificial rose petals, small plastic hearts, foam lips and XOXO and pink glow sticks. Jos LOVED it!


So excited to take a green smoothie to Daddy. Notice her hair. It is rare that she wants anything in it but on this day she requested 3 pigtails!


I think they are both “teething” right now! ;)


Another impromptu afternoon tea party with just us, because we needed it.



Opening valentine cards at preschool.


Jolly Rancher sugar cookies, which we will not be repeating!








0-25 (2)bS




Hope you all had as much fun celebrating this month as we did!

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Valentine Tea & Some Bonus Stuff


Peppermint tea. Jam and Nutella filled heart cookies. Apple slices. Dried cranberries. A dear friend.

We almost didn’t get to have our Valentine Tea Party due to the week we have had with our favorite canine girl, Nala, (an update on her at the end of the post) but somehow we managed to pull it off today.  Jos also wanted to invite a little friend of hers but in an effort to keep things quieter around here for our doggie girl, we kept our guest list to our dear friend, Julie. Of course, Nala spent the day at the vet but that was not part of the plan.

Julie and I met through our dogs, and her dog, Ozzie, is one of Nala’s best friends.  Julie is such a supportive, caring and fun friend.  I am very fortunate to have her in my life, as are my girls.  Jos adores her and was so excited when she saw who our surprise tea party guest was.  She said, “I was so happy my best friend, Julie, was here.”  Julie is one of those people who is not afraid to roll around on the floor with the munchkins and there is always silliness and laughter involved.  Not only is she a great friend and awesome with kiddos but she is also a talented photographer and artist. In fact, her work is on display for the entire month of February at Gallery One, for all you locals.  You will see her photographic work, including some of her amazing collages and her fused glass lamps and mirrors, which are gorgeous AND made from recycled materials!  Really awesome stuff! Go check it out!






Now for a Nala update…


It appears Nala has an abscess on the tumor she has, which was likely contributing to all the inflammation.  This is positive news because it means the tumor is likely not nearly as big as we had thought.  An ultrasound showed her liver and spleen to be good.  An x-ray revealed a couple of spots on her lungs that the doc was unsure of so he is sending those off to get more info.  He also took a biopsy of her tumor and we should know more about that early next week.  Nala’s abdomen, where the tumor is, looked sooo much better today and she has been quite perky and more like herself.  I know we still need answers but after the week of worry we have had and the conclusions our minds had jumped to, we are incredibly happy with a little positive news today. Hooray!

In an effort to keep it real though…  Not everything around here is cutesy and heart shaped.  Another amazing friend, Katy, stopped by after the tea party to lend some support from the week we have had worrying about Nala.  I asked her to hang with the girls (Addi was asleep) while I picked Nala up from the vet and of course, she agreed, as that’s the kind of friend she is. Awesome.

When I returned, Addi was awake and sucking her thumb. She had been a bit alarmed to not find Momma there when she awoke. Bummer. I had hoped she would stay asleep. I swear she can sense when I leave!  Of course, Katy was a pro. She changed her diaper and was walking around with her to comfort her.  She was fine and then she heard my voice and once again the tears came.  Anyway, I immediately got her and it took her a bit to calm down.  Then Nala proceeds to vomit, just a little, and as I am getting something to clean it up, Addi spits up all over me.  Got that cleaned up and was enjoying a few minutes of chat time with Katy when the next disaster strikes. Jos was in the bathroom getting a tissue as she has a slight cold. Well, she likes to flush her tissues despite us telling her to throw them in the trash. I heard the toilet flash once, twice, and the toilet lid go up and down a few times so I told her to wash her hands.  Of course, she is playing in the water while she is washing her hands but I chalk this up to “sensory play” as like I said, I am actually enjoying a few minutes of chat time with my friend.  Next thing Jos says is, “I need help” so I go in there to find she had put the ENTIRE box of tissues in the toilet and tried to flush it. Oh yes, the toilet was overflowing  ALOT!  So, I rush around with a baby in my arms finding towels while Katy dries the floor. HOLY MOLY!  This was all in like a 10 minute timespan too.

Welcome to the jungle, Katy.  Next time, I hope your visit is a tad more peaceful. That is, if you decide to return. ;)

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Valentine’s Outtakes


We attempted to take a few Valentine photos today…  What a circus! :)

Oh, Miss Addi! Thank you for sharing with us your adorable tummy rolls as you work diligently on getting your shirt in your mouth and then your toes.


Not to be outdone…  Miss Joslyn demonstrates that she too can roll around on the floor grabbing her toes. Luckily, she was unable to get them into her mouth. Hehehe.


This one. Visible remote.  Joslyn’s “I’m sooo done with this” face.  Nala’s “Do I need to be here for this” face.  Me addressing a wardrobe malfunction.  Addison’s face, no words for this one!


This one illustrates the reason why 99% of the time you will not see me out with my hair down.


Oh dear. I fear this one may be a glimpse into where they get it. ;)

Fun times.

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