Memorial Day Weekend Fun


A few (ok, more than a few ;)) photos from the past few days.

This past week has been so warm and nice.  We have enjoyed the kind of weather that reminds us of summer…sticky, sweaty days and a few nights where we kicked all the blankets off and mornings that were cool yet nice enough to sit outside and listen to the birds welcome the sun.  The last part has become a ritual for Miss Addi and I as she has been getting up at around 5am,or before, for the past week.  She is working on a tooth and also some new skills such as getting into a sitting position from her belly (she is pretty good now) and yesterday she pulled herself up to standing for the first time.

On one of these particularly warm days, we got the pool out and Addi got to try it out for the first time. Jos even shared her float toy with her sister.


Who needs toys when you have crinkly packages of wipes? This girl seems to want all of the non-toy items to play with.  I guess she finds them more interesting.


LOVE that belly!


Snack time with Jos.


Nanny & Grampi came for a visit this weekend.  Addi screamed and screamed in excitement as she conversed with Grampi and held her little palm up in the air to say hello. Meanwhile, Jos kept Nanny occupied. Jos LOVES her Nanny and thinks she should play with her “all the time.”  We occasionally have to intervene to give Nanny a break. ;)


Nanny gave Jos her first O’s cereal when she was a babe so we let Nanny give Addi her first taste of them too.








I think this has to be my favorite photo of the weekend. :)


Justin and Ken built a small picnic table for the girls in only half a day!  It is so cute and now it just needs painted. Jos picked out a purple color called Lavender Sprig for it.


She tried it out already. :)




Mary Lou (Nanny) and I took Jos out to the Alice in Wonderland play.  We weren’t sure if it was such a good idea at first as she was a bit scared when they turned off all the lights and she didn’t care for all of the characters, especially the queen.  After the queen’s first line, Jos said, “She’s NOT good!”. ;)  We explained to her later that they were just acting and what a good job the queen did to make us believe she was sooo mean.  She sat on my lap the entire time and made it through though and at the end she declared how happy she was that she had gone to the play.  She wanted a photo with the rabbit at the end.


Then, we enjoyed some ice cream.


We also enjoyed a trip to our favorite Bavarian Village.








It was a gorgeous day and my favorite part was sitting in the grass watching Jos roll down the hill and feeding Addi some mango while she took it all in.  Justin and the girls surprised me with a belated Mother’s Day gift, two lovely rings with Jos and Addi’s names on them.




After all that, we hope to get some stuff done around the house today and maybe, just maybe, make some stepping stones with the girls.  We’ll see if that plan comes to fruition. ;)

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Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 8


I’m barely getting this one in before Miss Addi turns 9 months.  ;)  Here are Jos & Addi’s 8 month side by side shots.


Couldn’t resist doing a then and now of Jos too.


This was a shot I took during month 7 but didn’t get it posted. Jos is at the top with Nala and Addi is at the bottom with her.

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A Good Kind of Busy


What a FUN & BUSY day!  We left home at 9am this morning en route to Miss J’s dentist appointment. She did great and got an excellent report so, of course, we celebrated with hot dogs and chocolate milkshakes at a 50’s style Soda Fountain Shop. ;)


Our next stop was the new trampoline park. We figured we may as well take advantage of it while in the area and lucky for us, some friends were able to join us at the last minute.  Our munchkins jumped and climbed, went on pretend rescue missions and had a great time.  We definitely want to go back sometime. As we were leaving, Jos kept saying, “this is a special day”. Indeed, my dear.




Miss Addi even had a friend there. These two were so cute together.






Two little spider monkeys.



After that, it was a visit to Julie’s house for some play time in the hammock and swing.





Miss Addi was so fascinated with Otis the cat.


Hehe. Jos was playing and going in and out of the doggie door and then went inside and locked the door.  She couldn’t fit through the kitty door and was saying, “get me out of here.” :) Oh, my girl.


Jos also had a lovely conversation with “Miss Molly Be-golly, the Life Coach”. :)


Addi enjoyed her reflection in the mirror.


GREAT day. One munchkin is already asleep and I bet the other one will be out quicker than usual tonight too.

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Clean Up on Aisle 9

We are certainly missing our clean-up crew around here.  We find ourselves pushing plates back and looking around for our Nala girl often. She was always there, watching and waiting for just the right moment to strike. She would have had a great evening yesterday.  Addi had her first broccoli which means there was broccoli EVERYWHERE! Such a mess. Then, Jos decides she doesn’t like hers and spits it out! UGH!!  :)




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Bark Three Times

©Amber Yeager, NalaPaws Photography All Rights Reserved

We said goodbye to our Nala girl today.  It doesn’t seem real.  She was our first baby and the BEST dog we could have ever hoped for.  This girl was amazingly tough right up to the end.   We were caught off guard with how quickly it all happened which tells us how much our girl was keeping to herself. Just last week, she jumped over a log and two weeks before that, she climbed a mountain.  There will never be another one like her.  Ever.

In the end, the whole family was with her. Jos stroking her neck. Her tiny hand going up and down, so gentle and loving.  Addi grabbing for and smiling at Nala. We waivered on whether or not to wake Joslyn to say goodbye but ultimately, we wanted her to have that chance.  We didn’t plan on waking Addi but she had other plans, and we are so glad she did.  Our girl’s tiny hands comforting Nala is a memory that is etched into our hearts.

We don’t have many words right now, just tears and heartache.  Nala is forever in our hearts. She was LOVED. She was FAMILY.

We will LOVE you forever, Nala.  Make sure to “bark 3 times” as Jos instructed, so you can cross the Rainbow Bridge and run free.  Hugs and kisses, sweet babe.

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Nala News


Oh, Miss Nala…

She has an insatiable appetite and frequently steals food from Joslyn and snags anything that drops on the floor, which we take as a good sign despite how crazy it makes us (or should I say me) at times, but her tumor seems visibly larger this week.  She doesn’t have the energy she used to and occasionally loses her footing (on the back leg where the tumor is closest) but regains it without falling.  Then she goes and does things like jump over logs. Not with the vigor and excitement she once had, but still, it’s pretty fun to see this.  You can actually see the tumor in the above photo just to the left of her back right leg.  :(  It has to be uncomfortable but she seems to be handling it well right now.  She even went on a hike with us this Saturday.

Admittedly, there have been a number of days (since having human kiddos) that Nala’s presence goes more unnoticed. Lately though, I have started noticing more how she follows me into a room, whether it be the bedroom to nurse Addi and get her down for a nap, the kitchen (of course), and yes, she even follows me into the bathroom! (just like a kid!) :)  She just wants to be near, even if I am cleaning or nursing or reading books or playing How to Train Your Dragon and completely oblivious to her, it doesn’t matter.  She likes to be with us, whatever we are doing.  While I may feel guilt over the many days where life is busy and chaotic and she isn’t attended to as she used to be, for her just being with us is enough.  A good reminder to be mindful and in the moment and appreciative of all the good that surrounds us on a daily basis.  So, as long as she is able, that is exactly why we will continue to take her hiking and on adventures with us. Even though she may get tired and we may wonder if we have pushed her too far, ultimately, she just wants to be where we are.  Yes, our adventures will be shorter and less “extreme”, but adventures, nonetheless. :)



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The Times They Are A-Changin’


If I thought things were busy before….

This girl started army crawling on Saturday, the same day she turned 8 months old.  A few days later, she is already better at it and quicker.  She is also getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth, so I fear, ;) that crawling on hands and knees is not too far off.

I have a feeling this one is going to be into everything, especially if it “belongs” to her sister. Hehe! Jos has no clue what is about to take place.  Then again, she may have a small idea as this morning she told me she would just put all of her special toys in her room and close the door.  Speaking of, it is officially time to remove all the tiny toys from downstairs.  I don’t think I am ready for this.  I may never have time to cook dinner again.

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