Addison | 3 Months


Happy 3 months to this sweet girl today!  Time sure does fly…

What’s Happening Now:

*You are still such a smiley girl.

*Starting to giggle and squeal… Daddy got the best giggle out of you, so far.

*You are blowing tons of bubbles/raspberries and drooling like crazy (could you already be teething?).

*Rolling over from your tummy to your back… Yesterday was the first time and today while Momma was trying to take photos of you on your tummy, you rolled over twice.

*Making lots of “goo” and “ga” sounds

*You light up when your sister is around and you follow her as she moves about the house with your eyes.  You love watching her.

*You love sleeping next to Momma and I am your go to comfort person.

*You are content to fall asleep on your own, without nursing, which still surprises me as this was NEVER the case with your big sis! ;)

*You are grabbing your toys on your playmat, the arm of Momma’s computer chair, your crib rails, Momma’s hair, Momma’s clothes….you are really working those hand muscles, girl!

*You had your first bath in the BIG tub with Momma and you loved it!  Momma held your head just above water and you just floated (such a chunk) and Momma pushed you back and forth while you kicked your legs and “talked” to me.

*You had your first little cold and Momma needed to use the bulb syringe since you were stuffy. You did NOT like that!

*You are so happy and usually mellow.

We all love you to pieces!!



My brown-eyed girl!



I think you may be one of those people who can use your feet to pick up and use eating utensils.  You have some serious skills when it comes to squeezing those toes. :)


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Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 3


Month 3 – Joslyn on left and Addison on right

I don’t know about you but I see two unique girlies when I look at these two side by side.  Both cuties, of course I am biased, but definitely unique. It always amazes me though because until I put photos of them together, I think they look so much alike. Love them!!


Addison – 3 months


Addison’s Super Girl pose! ;)

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Jos & Addi | Fall 2014


I took a few fall photos of the girls this weekend, before the weather turns VERY cold and we prepare for snow!  Jos and I went on a leaf walk and gathered some pretty leaves.  It was a gorgeous day and we had lots of fun together.  Later in the day, I took Addison to my friend’s yard and snapped a few photos of her.  Didn’t even try for a sister photo as Jos was done with photos for the day and I didn’t even want to attempt it with the lovely 3 year old behaviors that have been coming out lately. ;) Plus, I have a much deeper appreciation for the reality of how challenging it can be to get multiple children ready for photos!  Maybe next year…






Happy Fall!

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Addison & the Puppy | Month 2

month 2 collS

A little behind on this but here it is….

Gosh, this girl is growing so unbelievably fast!  She is such a happy little thing, most of the time.  She loves staring into my eyes and her eyes light up when I talk and smile at her.  She loves to “talk” to me and she seems to already get that you take turns in conversation as she will “ah-goo” or make gurgling sounds or squeals and then wait for my response.  When I respond, her eyebrows go up and I usually get smiles.  She has been blowing lots of bubbles lately and she enjoys it when I say “Oh, oh, oh” and make funny noises.  She is able to grasp a small toy now and also uses her grabbing skills to pull/hang on to my shirt when nursing…it is the cutest!  Her neck is getting stronger although she has not gained tummy time master status just yet.  Soon…  She makes the most adorable sucking sound when she is hungry and when she is sad she pushes her bottom lip out (gets me every time).  She also gives out lots of smiles to Daddy and Joslyn!  She definitely lights up when her big sis talks to her and doesn’t seem to mind that she can be a bit “rough” at times.  We all love her more and more each day!







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Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 2


I love doing these side by side comparisons!  Here is Jos (left) at around 8 weeks and Addison (right) at 8 weeks. And of course, I chose this onesie for their two month side by side comparison. How could I not?! ;)

Thanks Liz!  I love that Addison gets to wear this now too.  Glad we held on to some of Jos’s baby clothes.

I thought Jos was a chunk, but holy moly, check out the cheeks on Addi!  I think Jos’s cheeks developed a little later.  Wait for her 5 and 6 month pics….  And Jos’s hair…  I could never get that stuff to lay down but Addison’s seems to lay down more readily.  Both these little faces light up my life!


Miss Addison

Lovin’ that double chin, baby!

Jos 2 monthsS

Miss Joslyn

As I was going through Joslyn’s baby pics, I came across this one and it made me smile.  When I go in to Joslyn’s room at night to kiss her goodnight before I go to sleep, I often find her just like this.  That same expression on her sweet face and her arms up. So relaxed!  Justin says he finds her on her belly with her lower legs sticking up in the air…her Momma apparently sleeps like this sometimes. ;)


One more of Miss Jos…

This was last year during a Music Tree class.  I simply can not believe how much she has changed in a year!

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They Had Me at Procrastinator


I love doing seasonal activities and have actually managed to pull off a few with my 3 year old this year.  Most of those activities are last minute and spontaneous though.  While I do enjoy planning these things, it’s the teacher in me, the season of life that I am currently in leaves me challenged to find/make the time to actually plan this stuff out in advance.  Occasionally, I do, but mostly I get my ideas the night before or the day of which means means they need to be quick and simple to pull off!  So, when I saw this blog post from Peanut Blossom featured on The Artful Parent site with the title of, Ultimate Procrastinator’s Guide to Fall, then I just had to check it out! So glad I did!!

We borrowed their idea for a spooky story time bath last night and Jos loved it!! So much so, she was quite sad and reluctant to get out of the tub and the water was COLD at that point. Although our stories weren’t really spooky, they were Halloween related, and I used my “spooky” voice.  It was so fun and I know we will be doing this again before Halloween!



Addison also had her friend, Fraser, over yesterday while Jos was at preschool.  Granted, she slept pretty much the entire time but I still think they bonded.;)

Addison says, “My friend is sad, therefore, I am sad.” Hehe! Love both of these sweet little faces!


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A Day in the Life | September


Finally getting our September Day in the Life post up!  Gosh, our days sure are busier now with two.  Double the laundry, double the trash (thank you diapers;)), double the amount of time we don’t get sleep, double the smiles, double the fun, and most definitely, double the LOVE.










Yep, I took a pic of my post pregnancy belly.  I find myself having a harder time with letting things go since we don’t plan on having any more kiddos and I want to remember things, savor things, even things like my linea negra (the line running down my belly).  Just another reminder that a precious little life grew inside of me.



Lining up to order from Kristoff & Rapunzel’s food truck!



Took a pic like this in August before Addison arrived…  Lots more color now! :)










I have to explain this one….

I threw Jos’s dirty jammie shirt downstairs and when I came down later to put it in the laundry room, I found it hanging on this tapestry.  ;)





















0-0 (2)dS




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