Tiny Dancer


Our Tiny Dancer at her very fist dance class (Music & Movement) yesterday.

Jos was so excited for her first dance class yesterday.  She has been waiting for this for a few weeks now.  At first, she seemed a bit reluctant to go in as class was starting so I wondered how it would go.  I walked in with her and as soon as she chose her colored spot on the floor to sit on she seemed to forget all about her jitters and that Momma wasn’t with her.  She focused on her wonderful teacher and participated for an entire 45 minutes.  At the end, the parents/caregivers come in and rock with the kiddos and say goodbye.  Jos really enjoyed the class and said her favorite part was being a “flower” or dancing/moving in her own (self) space as opposed to a “butterfly” who dances/moves around in the general space.  Not surprising with my girl, at all!

So fun to see my girl growing up, becoming more independent and enjoying new things!  Bittersweet too, but mostly amazing!


Auntie Ali also came for a visit and spent the night.  It was so fun that she got to go to Jos’s first dance class with us!

Check out Baby Girl too…  Miss Addison is growing so much already!  At her appointment last Friday, this munchkin was already up to almost 7 lbs.! Sheesh!  It happens so fast!

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Addison Kay | Birth Story


It’s amazing that almost a week has passed since this precious girl joined our family.  This time last Sunday, I was out for a walk with a friend and hoping that my walking would encourage this babe to come meet us.  In fact, I had been walking all weekend, eating spicy food and balsamic vinegar (read somewhere that works ;)) and keeping my fingers crossed this little peanut would be born before her due date (August 27)  since my doctor was going out of town on that day!  Well, it seems the stars were aligned and shortly after my 2nd brisk walk on Sunday (at around 2:30pm), I started having contractions.

The contractions were mild and relatively painless but definitely contractions.  They were also inconsistent…10 minutes part, then 7 minutes, then 9 minutes.  I went about my day, made dinner, cleaned a few things around the house, etc…  I had mentioned to Justin that I was having contractions and he wondered if we should go ahead and call his parents to come over and be with Joslyn.  I told him I didn’t think it was necessary just yet.  I think I didn’t want to get my hopes up and go to the hospital only to be sent home so I was trying not to make a big deal out of it.  Well, the contractions started getting closer…5 minutes then 4 minutes, but still mild and not too bad on the pain scale.  At around 7:30, I finally decided that maybe we should go in and get checked out at the hospital.  In the meantime, Justin had already called his parents who were driving 2 hours to get here.  So, I called my friend, Julie, who came to be with Joslyn until the grandparents arrived.  Julie was walking her dog so it took her 30 minutes to get here which gave us time to get all of our stuff ready to go, tell Joslyn bye and explain what was happening.  Let me just tell you, Joslyn was bouncing off the walls with excitement.  I have never seen her soooo wired, and I have seen her wired, but this was beyond anything I have seen from our big girl.

We arrived at the hospital between 8:30 and 9:00pm.  The nurse monitored me for a bit and confirmed my contractions were 4 minutes apart but I was just 3 cm. dilated, which was pretty much where I had been at my last doctor’s appointment the Thursday before.  I was a bit discouraged by this.  The nurse talked to the doctor who said to go ahead and admit me and we would see what happened overnight.  While the nurses were getting our room ready they sent us to walk around the hospital for an hour to see if contractions would pick up or stop.  They definitely picked up!!  My contractions were still about 4 minutes apart but to the point now where I had to physically stop and breathe through them.  An RN who was in the hallway saw me and said, “Honey, I think you are ready.”  Little did she know, she would be seeing me again very soon to assist in getting an iv in my arm.

We arrived back at Labor & Delivery at about 10:15pm, went to our room, and then the nurse checked me again.  I was now 4cm. dilated.  The contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart at this point but I was still able to breathe through them although I needed to lean on Justin a lot more now.  He was applying pressure to my back, as it was really starting to feel the contractions.  I could only stand and lean over the bed as no other position helped.  The nurses struggled to get my iv in and had to go through 3 nurses before they got it.  The last nurse (the one from the hallway), rather than being tidy and risk losing the vein, was quite messy in her work.  Blood was spilling out all down my arm, which didn’t bother me but poor Justin was a bit freaked out and thinking that I would probably need some of that blood for delivery. ;) The nurse said they don’t call the doctor until 5-6 cm. dilated.  At this point, I started voicing to Justin that this could take a while and I that I just wanted the epidural.  I won’t mention my exact words though. ;)  Even though I wanted to do this without the drugs, I was ok with getting the epidural at this point.  So, we told the nurse who went to call the anesthesiologist so that he could come in.  He was about 30 minutes away.  My contractions were about 2 minutes apart now.

Within that time, my contractions got a whole lot more intense.  I went from breathing through them to struggling to be able to do that.  This is when I got a lot more vocal. :)  The nurse came in, probably after hearing me, and checked me again.  To everyone’s surprise, I was now at 8cm. dilated…just like that!  It felt like it happened from one contraction to the next!  It was now about 12:30am.  So, the nurse left promptly to call the doctor, who luckily lives close by.  At this point, there was still no epidural in place and I had concluded this wasn’t going to happen for me as my contractions were too close together and there was NO WAY I was going to be able to sit still for a needle in my back!

As we waited for the doctor, the nurses started prepping for delivery.  They continued to tell me to breathe, not to push (which I was good at since I was a tad terrified to push) and that the doctor would be walking in any minute.  However, they were putting on gloves and preparing to deliver this baby themselves, if need be.  Soon after, the doctor arrived, immediately put gloves on and it was go time!  Right after she got there, the anesthesiologist came in and said, “Am I too late, is she delivering?”.  Ummm, yea.  A little late. :)  After pushing through about 3-4 contractions, our little peanut entered the world at 1:00am.  I immediately wanted to know, boy or girl?  The doctor said that Dad would cut the cord and then I would see rather than announcing it herself, which was pretty cool.  So, when they lifted her to my chest is when I saw we had another precious baby girl.  It was the most amazing and wonderful experience to find out this way and to hold our 2nd baby girl for the first time.

Addison truly completes our little family.  We love her so much and that love continues to grow with each passing day.  It is just amazing how my heart instantly feels fuller every time I look at her. So happy she is finally here with us!




Speaking of a full heart, these last two images make me feel like my heart might just explode!  So lucky to have both these precious munchkins and I am glad they have each other.

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A Day in the Life | August


With 4 days left until my due date with baby #2, I thought I should try and get this post up!  Still have my fingers crossed that I don’t have to wait 4 days… :)








Hard to believe there will be a tiny little babe in these outfits very soon!







This gal was very excited for a polish dog at Costco!  We don’t have a Costco membership so it’s always a special treat to tag along with friends.  Jos loved getting to shop with Katy and the night before she said, “I will be very happy for a polish dog.”.  Me too, girlfriend, me too!












This is definitely my favorite smell in the kitchen…nothing like onions sautéing in butter!



This week two new episodes of Daniel Tiger aired…the first was about Daniel learning how to be a big brother and the second was about the new baby’s arrival.  Jos has wanted to watch it again and again and play the scene where the Big Sis/Bro come to the hospital to meet the new baby over and over again with each of her stuffies!


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Soon To Be Big Sister


This little girl seems so ready to be a big sister!  Last week she ran downstairs, sooo excited, asking…”Did the baby come yet?”.  “Awwww” was her response when I told her not yet.  I know that this change that is about to happen will definitely be a shift in her world but I do believe that she will love being a big sister and is going to take to her new role quite well, give or take a few adjustment periods. ;)  Before this transition happens, I wanted to take some time to record a few things about our big girl…

*Jos is such a cuddle bug and so very full of love.  She constantly wants a hug, then a kiss, then a high-five.  She must go through every. single. one of these before Daddy leaves for work or Momma goes somewhere.  She also frequently says, “I wuv oo!”.  Followed up by “all the way to the _______”.  Fill in the blank with whatever item is somewhat close to her….the table, the couch, to Mommy, to that tree, etc….  It’s precious and it puts a great big smile on my face.

*Jos is becoming quite independent and just recently started using the potty all by herself!  Well, she still needs a little help but she hasn’t had an accident in days!   HUGE step people!  I hope this is not an area where we see some regression once the baby arrives. ;)  She gleefully announced “Ta Da” with outstretched hands toward her potty the other day when she had her first successful #2 in the potty.  Ahhh, life with toddlers…gotta love it!

*Our girl knows how to “work it”….”Mommy, my tummy hurts. A movie will help it feel better.”  Sheesh, they become masters of manipulation so early! ;)

*Jos loves to help me in the kitchen and stir up all the food.  I always sing Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” to her while she is helping, replacing the Little Darlin’ part with her name.  She really enjoys this and she also likes it when I call her my sous chef.

*She recently started wanting us to call her different names like…Rapunzel, Elsa, Tiny Dancer, etc…  If we slip and call her Joslyn she immediately says, “No, I am not Joslyn!”.  She also likes to give us other names too.

*Jos thinks it would be great to name the new baby Daddy, if it’s a boy, and Mommy or Joslyn, if it’s a girl.  She can’t understand why this might be confusing. Haha!

*She has started becoming very cuddly and loving with some of my friends which is a big deal for this once reserved girl.  It makes my heart so happy to see them loving on her too and just knowing what a wonderful group of people I have around me and that they love my girl so much too.

*Jos loves her little friends too and often talks about them or uses their names during pretend play.  One of her favorite games to play is “Going to Maryann’s House”.  Maryann is a wonderful and amazing lady who provided childcare for Jos for a bit and still does for Jos’s friends.  We definitely miss her.

*Jos likes to make up her own songs.  Her favorite is, “I’m going to my Nanny’s, my Nanny’s, my Nanny’s, yes I am!”.  She also uses familiar tunes and replaces the words with her own…she does this a lot with the Dora theme song.

*She recently started being ok with getting “dirty”.  Before, she did not like getting dirt on her at all but she has turned the corner and now loves splashing in puddles and walking through the mud barefoot!  This makes me happy.

*She participated in swim lessons this summer.  Although quite hesitant, she had days that went really well.  She loves the water but was not a fan of her teacher’s “encouragement” to put her face/head in the water.  I think we may try for some private lessons this fall. I feel she will do much better one on one and going more at her own pace.

There are many more things I would like to record and will likely remember them as soon as I am done here but my girl needs me right now so I am off to be with her.  Looking forward to this new chapter in a week, a few days, ?? that life with a new baby will bring but I am so happy we have had 3 amazing years with just this girl!  Getting to know her, watching her grow and change and loving her more with each passing day has been a true gift.



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A Friendly Threat


I recently issued a threat to this lovely lady that if we didn’t get a prego pic together this past weekend and my munchkin decided to come that I would have to find her on my way to the hospital, regardless of the time of day/night, and insist on a photo together. ;)  Luckily, she obliged.


We had to get our big girls in one with us too before they become big sisters!

We met when the girls were just 3 and 4 months old and it is so fun to get to go through pregnancy together this time.  These babes on the way are supposed to be about 3 weeks apart, according to due dates, but we shall see.  Just over a week left before my due date…woohoo!  Can’t wait for them both to be here so we can spend days on the couch together…nursing, watching the big sisters play and just taking in all those newborn wonders again!

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A Day in the Life | July


The scene above is my usual view after I make it downstairs in the morning.

Must. have. coffee.

Once I have coffee in me then the world begins to look a bit brighter. ;)  I do find it amusing how different I am in this pregnancy compared with my first.  The first time around, I rarely had any caffeine.  Not to mention bacon cheeseburgers (never) and hot dogs (also never) but with the second pregnancy I find myself feeling a bit more free in my food and beverage choices.  Let’s hope this kiddo will forgive me one day….




First Breakfast.



Second Breakfast.

Momma needed some protein in the form of eggs.




My favorite laundry helper. :)










I am happy to report that the following week Jos started using the big girl potty!  She is doing pretty good, so far, although we still definitely have accidents and “off” days.  It’s progress….I’ll take it!


Ok, so I am a wee bit embarrassed to showcase my mustard addiction but I just can’t help myself.  Also, the watermelon makes up for the hot dog and mac n’ cheese lunch, right!?








First movie at the theatre. She is hooked.



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Soup & Mud Pie



Two days of rain and cooler weather = 1 HAPPY pregnant lady & Toddler

I am lovin’ this break from the sun and heat although I will be happy to get that back too.  Jos and I have had lots of fun in the rain, including running around and getting soaked today at the park with friends and then making mud pies at home.  Technically, I didn’t make the mud pies but I was a very happy observer. ;)

With this rain, I have been really wanting soup so broccoli, potato & cheese soup is on the menu tonight with some fresh, homemade bread (1 loaf for now and 1 for the freezer when baby arrives). Definitely starting to think about prepping some meals for about a month from now when life becomes quite busy and exhausting!  Thinking ahead a bit but also soaking in these wonderful moments with my precious “baby big girl” as she called herself the other day.

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