A Day in the Life | September


Finally getting our September Day in the Life post up!  Gosh, our days sure are busier now with two.  Double the laundry, double the trash (thank you diapers;)), double the amount of time we don’t get sleep, double the smiles, double the fun, and most definitely, double the LOVE.










Yep, I took a pic of my post pregnancy belly.  I find myself having a harder time with letting things go since we don’t plan on having any more kiddos and I want to remember things, savor things, even things like my linea negra (the line running down my belly).  Just another reminder that a precious little life grew inside of me.



Lining up to order from Kristoff & Rapunzel’s food truck!



Took a pic like this in August before Addison arrived…  Lots more color now! :)










I have to explain this one….

I threw Jos’s dirty jammie shirt downstairs and when I came down later to put it in the laundry room, I found it hanging on this tapestry.  ;)





















0-0 (2)dS




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Flashback Friday


Ok, I’m not going back too far….  These were taken just over a month ago when Addison was about 2 weeks old and I am just now getting around to going through them.  We set up the tripod to get this shot of everyone and then Justin and I took turns photographing each other with our girls.  The hazards of having a Mom who takes photos are that when she says the light is good and has the backdrops and stuff ready to go then it’s time to roll!  Not sure if this is more challenging for the husband or the kids as they have to endure my limitless enthusiasm when it comes to documenting things.  I like to think that one day they will thank me…maybe?! ;)





Jos has really taken to her role as big sister and loves to say, “Hello, baby girl!”.  She loves to hold and touch her sister.  She quite often gets smiles from Addison too.  It is so fun to see the connection that is already there between them and how Addison really does recognize Jos’s voice and responds to it.  Jos also likes to immediately run to the bassinet or swing and turn on the vibration if Addison is starting to get upset in hopes of buying herself a little extra time with just Mommy or Daddy. ;) Hehe!

Addison is turning into quite the chunk and is such a happy little munchkin, most of the time.  She lets you know when she needs a diaper change and as soon as I start to change her she calms down as if telling me that was exactly what she wanted.  She is smiling a lot and her bright, gummy smiles make us all smile right back.  She is also starting to gradually get a bit vocal, making the cutest little noises.  This morning when I was nursing her, I stuck out my tongue at her and she stopped nursing and stuck out her tongue.  It was the cutest and funniest thing!

Love these two girls SO much!

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Tiny Little Blessings







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Addison & the Puppy | Monthly Growth


1 Month old, already!! What?!  This face cracks me up…one of my favorite newborn features is those sweet little lips that pucker and make the O face!  Well, that and the newborn smell and their BIG eyes and their soft hair and skin and….  The list could go on!


I also documented the first 4 weeks with Addison but will now just do this monthly.  So fun to see her growth…so much change in such a short time!


And a few outtakes for you as well….this is from week 2.


And….week 1. ;)

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The Story of my Life…


amazingly beautiful and exhausting all at the same time.

The truth behind this picture, although it looks like a joyous and happy moment, is that we were trying to get a family photo using the tripod but J wasn’t cooperating and then A woke up and wanted to nurse which caused Momma to pout a little and call it quits on the attempted photo. :)  But then….  Then, I downloaded the photos and saw this.  And this made it all worth it!!  Nursing my precious baby and my sweet Joslyn nestled up beside of us with that look of adoration for her sister.  Oh, that look!  That look on her face gets me every time I look at this photo.  Thank you Justin for capturing this precious moment.

A month into this thing and we are doing great although there are days where I feel like there’s not enough of me to go around and then others go so smoothly and I feel like I’ve got this two kid thing down.  The ups and downs will continue and on the “down” days I will think about moments like in the photo above to get me through.

Addison’s monthly photos with her stuffie puppy (Jos had an owl for those who don’t remember) will begin as soon as I find the time…. ;)

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Joslyn & Addison | Side by Side – Month 1


You always get a lot of opinions about who your kids look like or don’t look like, especially right after they are born.  I get it…I do it too and I think it’s fun to hear what others think/see.  Of course, I will admit that with my first this drove me a little bit nuts. ;)  Partially this was due to the fact that everyone said she looked just like her Dad…don’t get me wrong, that is a GOOD thing and she does look ALOT like her Dad.  He is a handsome guy, after all! She is 3 years old now and she still looks a lot like her Dad!  I think as a first time, new Mom this made me a bit crazy because I was feeling like I wanted to see some of me in her too, which I do, a little.  Gees, after all people, I carried this babe inside me for 9+ months!  Not to mention, the countless hours caring for this little peanut.  Was it too much to ask to want her to look a little like me?! ;)  Of course, I got over this.  This time around, it doesn’t bother me at all and I have embraced the entire thing.  I like it that people share their thoughts about who our munchkins look like.  It’s fun to hear their thoughts!  A lot of people have been asking if I think Jos and Addi look alike.  I definitely see a resemblance but I think they also have their own unique looks.  With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to do monthly comparisons with pics of Jos when she was a baby and pics of Addison now.  Joslyn is on the left and Addison is on the right.  So, what do you think?  Do they look alike?

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Tiny Dancer


Our Tiny Dancer at her very fist dance class (Music & Movement) yesterday.

Jos was so excited for her first dance class yesterday.  She has been waiting for this for a few weeks now.  At first, she seemed a bit reluctant to go in as class was starting so I wondered how it would go.  I walked in with her and as soon as she chose her colored spot on the floor to sit on she seemed to forget all about her jitters and that Momma wasn’t with her.  She focused on her wonderful teacher and participated for an entire 45 minutes.  At the end, the parents/caregivers come in and rock with the kiddos and say goodbye.  Jos really enjoyed the class and said her favorite part was being a “flower” or dancing/moving in her own (self) space as opposed to a “butterfly” who dances/moves around in the general space.  Not surprising with my girl, at all!

So fun to see my girl growing up, becoming more independent and enjoying new things!  Bittersweet too, but mostly amazing!


Auntie Ali also came for a visit and spent the night.  It was so fun that she got to go to Jos’s first dance class with us!

Check out Baby Girl too…  Miss Addison is growing so much already!  At her appointment last Friday, this munchkin was already up to almost 7 lbs.! Sheesh!  It happens so fast!

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